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Earth hour campaign is a garbage


Switch off electricity for an hour in a year is just a public stunt by the green activists and politicians, the campaign has no significant effect on carbon dioxide release to atmosphere if the people believe in burning fossil fuels to generate electricity is more safer and cleaner than nuclear energy.

Those people advocate green renewable energy is a better option than nuclear energy is like the frog living in a boiling pot. Renewable energy will not be a viable source of energy for next 50 years due to its technical and geographical constraints.

The core issue is the clock is ticking and the humankind only got a chance to stop global warming from reaching its threshold point of no return. A 95% of people living on earth now have no chance to see themselves the sicken earth in 2100 caused by them.

The amount of carbon dioxide generated by fossil fuel power plants in the United Kingdom each year can cover the UK’s three islands with a 10-meter thick of CO2 layer. For the same electricity generated by the nuclear powers, the amount of radioactive waste is less than 10 meter cubic.

Myth 1: The nuclear power plant’s radioactive risk is overblown by those people who cannot differentiate what is sunlight radiation and X-ray radiation.

In UK, X-ray machines in the hospitals contribute 14% to its background radioactive while nuclear plants only contribute to 1% and others are from the mother nature and cosmic rays.

Myth 2: Radioactive waste decays take millions or billions years is bad to environment.

That is a half-truth fact given by the Green Himpunan for radioactive waste in the Lynas rare earth processing plant.

The radioactive materials with a half-life span of seconds, days and months are more dangerous and risky to human lives. Proper storage of radioactive waste in the concrete bunkers deep under the earth will mitigate the radioactive risk in a few years, not million years as shouted by Green activists.

The radioactive exposure buffer limit for one year old radioactive waste of nuclear plant is five hours. Literally speaking, you are safe to expose to radioactive waste without protective gear for a few hours in case you dig into the radioactive waste storage bunker for gold.

Myth 3: More deaths in the nuclear plant’s accidents.

The direct casualty in Chernobyl nuclear disaster is 42 rescue workers and 1,800 children suffered thyroid cancers which are considered curable disease. Taking iodine dose in time after radioactive leaking incident will reduce the risk greatly.

There were no casualties caused by radiation exposure in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

How many people die due to CO2 and air pollution from the fossil fuel power plants each year?

A Clean Air Task Force study quantifying the deaths and other health affects attributable to the fine particle pollution from power plants finds that over 13,000 deaths each year are attributable to U.S. power plants.

How many deaths in China from the fine particle pollution from fossil fuel power plants?

There is still no scientific answer yet because no study on air pollution effect on the population health and life span in China. The air pollution level in China is beyond the measurement level of current international standard, it may be 50 or 100 times more severe than U.S.

French with 59 operational nuclear plants have more healthier people compared to China and Malaysia. The existence of nuclear power plant has no correlation with the health of local population.

Earth hour campaign is totally nonsense and serve no purpose to save earth from the global warming disaster if the majority people in Malaysia and other nations is still being misguided by the green activists and certain irresponsible politicians like Wang Tak and Lim Guan Eng about the nuclear power.

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