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BN is a PR copycat?

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Syed Hamid rejected the license for individuals not long ago, but his boss Najib has copied the future policy from PR to grant 1000 permits to individual drivers.

BN is a PR copycat, a good sign of having strong opposition.

The taxi drivers complained high taxi rental to UMNO crony companies is the main reason they cannot make enough money to support their families and have to cheat passengers by not using meter.

This reasoning has its logic, but they are a small group of taxi drivers always cheating passengers for quick money whether they hold the taxi permit or not. The black sheep have to be reduced to minimum with strict screening on applicants and enforcement on laws.

I have not encountered a single taxi driver in Singapore refuses to use taxi fare meter, but there are still some unscrupulous drivers refuse to take passengers to certain places during the peak hours by pretending they are going home with the red light on.

The taxi driver’s photo printed on one-time sticker should be displayed on the side windows, not inside the taxi. Once the passenger enters the crooked taxi, it’s too late to escape when the doors are locked and the car is driving in speed.

A panic button should be fitted into the passenger seat to switch on alarm bell and light for one hour and also SMS a message with GPS and car plate info to police and SPAD about the unwanted situations like refusal to use meter, sexual harassment, robbery, etc.

Panic button is only installed on 5% or 10% taxis with more complaints and compounds.

In order to stop the panic button safety feature is abused by irresponsible passenger, a fine of RM150 is imposed on passenger if the alarm signal is a fault or prank alarm and the taxi driver is compensated with RM100 by the government for time wasted in dealing with the fault alarm.

SPAD to issue over 1,000 individual taxi permits

KUALA LUMPUR, March 21 (Bernama) — The Land Public Transport Commission (SPAD) will be issuing 1,000 individual taxi permits to taxi drivers to further boost the taxi industry.

SPAD chairman Tan Sri Syed Hamid Albar said 200 of the permits would be handed over to the recipients at a ceremony to be held at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre this Sunday.

“The permits which are non-transferable come with a comprehensive insurance and maintenance package. Payment (for the permit) can be stretched over seven years.

“Among the conditions to secure the permit at the that the taxi drivers must be aged 60 years and below, and if above that age, they must be certified fit to handle the job by a doctor,” he told Bernama after being interviewed on Bernama’s Radio24 at Wisma Bernama here today.

He added that currently 80,000 taxi permits had been issued throughout the country with 40 per cent held by individuals.

Meanwhile, Syed Hamid advised members of the public, especially females, to be alert and look out for the display of taxi driver’s card on the taxi dashboard when entering a taxi.

“Make sure the picture of the taxi driver is the same as the driver’s card on display,” he said in a statement following a spate of assaults, abduction and robberies involving female taxi passengers recently.

He said SPAD also intended to make it compulsory for taxi drivers to fix their driver’s card behind the driver and the front passenger’s headrest.

“SPAD views very seriously the recent negative incidents affecting taxi passengers, as reported in the media. SPAD condemns this dastardly act and will use the full force of the law to ensure that the law is adhered to and passengers are protected at all times,” he said.

Syed Hamid said SPAD was currently working on a Taxi Improvement Plan, which was to introduce newer and better technologies for taxi services, and this includes a monitored ticketing tracking system.

A driver’s screening programme and comprehensive training with etiquette would also be introduced and taxi drivers would need to sign a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and their background scrutinised before they can drive a taxi, he said.

“SPAD will also be compiling a driver’s data base system incorporating the driver’s details in order to ease monitoring and enforcement processes,” he said.

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