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Only the criminal works as blogger for UMNO


There are at least 500,000 active and retired policemen and military service men, and the existence of duplicated voters with civilian and service ICs will change the result of next GE unless the turnout rate is more than 85% to cancel off double votes from the security personnel.

Only UMNO will hire criminal to do dirty job for them.

BN’s sex blogger sacked from force for bribery, confirms police

BN’s sex blogger sacked from force for bribery, confirms police

The police today has confirmed BN supporter Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, who runs the explicit blog Papagomo, was a police officer who was sacked after a criminal conviction.

The statement by the police comes as a response to the discovery that Azri had been still listed as a postal voter despite being no longer a policeman.

“On September 6, 2012, the officer was found guilty and was sentenced. Then a disciplinary committee proceeding was taken against him and this officer was sacked effectively on September 6, 2012,” said police spokesman Mortadza Nazarene.

“Thus, this officer is no longer listed in our record as a postal voter,” he added.

Earlier, Harakahdaily reported that Azri’s name is listed as a convict on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s online database showing those guilty of bribery.

According to the entry (see here), Azri, slapped with a RM100 million defamation suit by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, was guilty on two counts of bribery to release Mohd Rahyudi bin Mokhtar, who was found with syringes used for drug abuse, in 2004.

Following that, PKR strategic director Rafizi Ramli revealed that Azri’s name was registered twice, as normal voter and postal voter, on EC’s database.

He was listed as postal voter attached to the Ampang police district under police identity number RF142863, as well as a voter in Wangsa Maju under his MyKad 830121035019.

A day after the revelation, Azri’s record as postal voter was removed by EC.


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