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Pray your late parent in Ching Ming after they passed away is not true filial

ching ming

Many Chinese pray their parents in Ching Ming is due to afraid of bad luck and repercussion for not doing so from their ancestors.

I do not see visit and pray your late parents or grandparents with the sumptuous food and paper money a filial act if you never show filial act before they pass away. I will make sure I will return kampung to visit my mum in every two to three months, not once a year with one day stay during the Chinese New Year.

A friend who works in China return to Malaysia every two months to visit his family and his mum.

The sons and daughters alway making excuse that they are too busy in work or study which is a sheer bullshit.

I always say what the heck you only pray your parents after they pass away with all sorts of paper money and food they cannot enjoy instead of showing your love and passion before they die.

This is another hypocrisy in the Chinese culture to show that I am a filial son for showing off in the graveyard during the Ching Ming. The sons and daughters believe in crying loud till the whole village notices how sad is sad for losing their parent is another way of showing filial.

Many unfilial offspring in the Chinese society are actually from those high educated sons and daughters with good income.

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