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Corruption will screw up any policy


With BN and PR are embracing corruption as a way to establish power base, Malaysia will be the same either under the BN or PR.

Police is protecting millions illegal immigrants by collecting RM30 protection fee per month is an open secret.

Who is going to crack down on corruption if police themselves are the most corrupt enforcement agency?

Useless zone if our Forces don’t buck up: MP

Kota Kinabalu: Kalabakan MP Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh on Wednesday said the establishment of the Eastern Sabah Safety Zone (Esszone) will not make any difference to the situation in the East Coast if the law is not strictly enforced.

He claimed that foreigners could easily enter Sabah, even bringing with them firearms, due to the tidak-apathy (couldn’t care less attitude) of enforcement officers.

He said corrupt enforcement officers don’t even inspect foreigners suspected to be illegal immigrants for their travel documents after receiving an “envelope” from the immigrants.

According to him, he has brought the matter to the attention of the government in Parliament many times but was not given serious attention.

“So, the establishment of the Esszone will not make much difference if such things continue to happen,” he said in a dialogue at the conference on Political Transformation programme on security and the Esszone at Magellan Sutera Harbour Resort.

On the statement by Immigration Department Director-General, Datuk Alias Ahmad, that foreigners can no longer enter Sabah freely via the sea, he said the statement is as if saying there were no restrictions on foreigners coming illegally into the State before this.

To this, he suggested foreign vessels coming from the Indonesian borders to Tawau go through a single designated entry point for better monitoring.

Federal Attorney-General, Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, said the people should lodge a police report if they see any policeman receiving bribes from foreigners who enter Sabah without having to produce valid travel documents.

“The givers are illegal immigrants, they are not Malaysians and if you see (them committing corrupt practices), please inform (the authorities).

“When you see the person (committing the crime), take down his (warrant) number or take pictures and videos.

“Just provide the evidence on who is doing what and we will act,” he said.

He said that everyone should work together instead of bad mouthing the enforcement agency.

The security measures, he said, were set in place to monitor and safeguard Malaysian borders in Sabah ever since the state gained its independence from the colonial masters.

But to say that the security perimeters are 100 per cent intrusion proof and that nothing will happen, he said, is simply impossible.

Even a high-tech country such as the US with its border control measures, homeland security, equipment and resources was still unable to stop immigrants from entering its soil through illegal means.

On Ghapur’s proposal for all foreign vessels to go through only one entry point, he said there is a one-stop immigration centre in Tawau.

“But if you want to come in illegally, you don’t go the normal way.

“Stopping illegal entry is very difficult, it’s a continuous cat and mouse game especially when it is only 10 minutes from the international waters from our shores,” he said.

The correct way, Abdul Gani said, is through the involvement of the public.

The security forces, he said, are doing all they could including the use of radar and infra red systems to monitor the maritime areas and yet they were still having problems preventing illegal entry.

Hence, by saying that it is only now that security measures are set up, is simply wrong, he said.

Sabah, he said, was not under any direct threat until the incursion of Suluk terrorists from Southern Philippines that saw 10 members of Malaysian security forces killed.

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