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Malaysia's Ministry of Education goes gaga for Google, adopts Chromebooks and Apps for Education

If every one Chromebook will pay RM100 kickback to Bolehland education minister, the computer project for 5 million students in Malaysia will generate a total of RM 500 million coffee money for UMNO politicians.


In the past, “going Google” was something only cities or state and federal governments did — transitioning entire systems to the tech giant’s cloud. But now, entire countries are making the leap and to do it, they’re getting a giant Mountain View-assist. Following in the footsteps of the Philippines, Malaysia’s Ministry of Education is embracing Google’s Apps for Education nationwide, while also doling out Chromebooks to its entire school system. The initiative, part of the government’s Education Blueprint, should go a long way towards reducing the barrier to the web in developing countries, while simultaneously reinforcing its use as a crucial learning tool. It’s a smart move for a cash-strapped country like Malaysia, since Chromebooks are simple to use (there’s no real OS), boot instantly and are relatively low-cost — not to mention, GApps are free. And for Google, it’s a really great way to bolster adoption.

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