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This is the safety record of Indonesian low cost airline



A Lion aircraft skipped from runway and ran into sea. All passengers are safely rescued and no casualty reported in the accident.

I took Garuda’s 747 many years ago and swore never take the Garuda again. The seat condition is worst than seat in the express bus in Malaysia. My front seat’s back side is peeled off.

Air crash in Indonesia is too common and Lion airline is banned to fly to Europe and USA for its bad safety record.

Think twice before you are boarding any airline from Indonesia.

Actually I had cheated death for not boarding a Garuda’s Airbus from Jakarta to Medan which was crashed nearby the Medan. I changed my mind to take a next 30-minute flight from Jakarta to Batam to visit my old friends and honey there, otherwise I already meeting my ancestors in 1997.

The passengers from both flights were checked in at the same time and waiting in the same room. I only remembered two passengers in other flight, a richest man in Medan and a young pretty girl.

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