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The consequences of exemption given to contest both parliament and state seats for certain golden son in DAP

Sim Tong Him

Before the election, DAP already losing a parliamentary seat in Melaka. Sim Tong Him who also wanted to be another Lim Guan Eng for contesting in both parliamentary and state seats.

Whether he wins or loses in the GE13, PR already losing a parliament seat.

This is the direct consequence of favoritism in the DAP. Some greedy DAP politicians also want to take all by emulating their top leader, Lim Guan Eng.

11.00am: DAP’s Sim Tong Him is defending the Kota Melaka state and parliamentary seats as an Independent after he was was dropped from the DAP’s candidates list. State DAP officials confirmed he has been expelled from party for contesting as an independent. His contender is MCA’s new face Dr Yee Kok Wah, Sim is still in nomination center at SMK Padang Temu.

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