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What is wrong in the DAP?

Lim dysnaty

Favoritism and cronyism is the main problem in DAP since its founding day. Lim Kit Siang will axe any local party leader who is growing too strong in the state. At least 90% DAP caliber and capable leaders are forced to resigned or retired and be axed by Lim Kit Siang.

Lim Kit Siang is a typical Chinese leader like Mao Tze Dong believes in parental leadership and dictatorship with no respect to democracy and meritocracy.

The criteria for candidates in the general election are not DAP winnable member and acceptable by locals, but the members who are closed to Lim Dynasty.

Actually many local DAP leaders have chose not stand as independent candidates although they are treated unfairly and not selected by Lim Guang Eng. Only a few stubborn ones like Jenice Lee came put openly to against Lim dynasty.

DAP membership only increased sharply after 308 to current 200,000 from 80,000, yet its number is still less than PPP, a BN mosquito party. 25% of them are Indians!

Why DAP has such pathetic membership number?

DAP is basically a Lim dynasty party with no regard to democracy and meritocracy. Only those willing to polish Lim’s apples will survive and prosper in DAP.

Malaysian Chinese vote DAP blindly is because of UMNO’s racism and apartheid policies, not they are supporting Lim dynasty DAP.

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