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Vote out BN government for kowtow to the Communist China

There are several incidences where China has over stepped on Malaysia interest.

Incidence 1: The China consulate to Malaysia has openly voiced out the Communist China wanted BN to be Malaysian government. This is a blatantly an interference on Malaysia domestic politics and an insult against the Agong.

Incidence 2: China was shaking ass inside the Malaysia water. No open protest on intrusion by Chinese Navy from Malaysian government meaning that Malaysia accepts the territory is belonged to China.

Beting Serupai islet is 1,500 nautical miles from China border, a boundary far beyond 200 nautical miles for the Exclusive Economic Zone in the international ocean treaty signed by Malaysia and China.


A week later, four Chinese naval vessels conducted a military exercise in the waters and outcrops of Malaysia’s Beting Serupai (James Shoal), also claimed by China as part of its southernmost maritime territory.

The occasion that involved a destroyer, two frigates and an amphibious landing vessel together with naval helicopters, hovercraft and amphibious tanks was widely publicised in China’s media. It is doubtful if those media reports mentioned that the territory was disputed by some of China’s neighbours and trading partners.

This was the closest yet that Chinese military vessels have come to Malaysian shores (80km from Bintulu) without approval or invitation. What else but testing Malaysian reactions can be the purpose, since the action will invite only negative perceptions of Beijing all-round?

Malaysia has been calm and diplomatic enough not to protest loudly and openly. If China has been watching Malaysian reactions closely, the converse is also true.

Incidene 3: Uyghur Muslims from Xinjiang were sent back to China by BN government although UN against the repatriation for fear of extrajudicial persecution by the communist regime.

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