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PR must sue Teng for accusing PR is behind the blast in Penang

Debris impact: Cars parked below the building which housed the office were damaged by falling debris.

Debris impact: Cars parked below the building which housed the office were damaged by falling debris.

Teng blasts culprits who ‘bombed’ BN ceramah

Penang BN chief Teng Chang Yeow has blasted those responsible for the violent act of disrupting a ceramah in Nibong Tebal last night.

Teng said the culprits were violent and unscrupulous, adding, “It is uncalled for as we want to win this election with policy and not with violence.”

Teng urged all leaders who are contesting this election to control their party supporters, quickly adding, “BN has been controlling our supporters’ emotions.”

“We hope Pakatan Rakyat leaders would do the same, too,” said the Bukit Tengah candidate at a press conference today.

At another press conference in Seberang Perai today, Penang police chief Abdul Rahim Hanafi said that two “improvised explosive devices” were found at the BN ceramah site.

One of the devices exploded at 10.15pm while another was found at 2am, and detonated an hour later, he added.

Abdul Rahim said the devices were created by professionals as they had timers attached.

“However, they were made to frighten and not to injure because they emit a loud noise, but no splinters,” he claimed.

NONEMeanwhile, state Umno liaison head Zainal Abidin Osman (left) joined in to condemn the perpetrator of the incident which left a party worker hurt.

“It was a home-made bomb done professionally with a timer.

“According to the bomb expert, it was meant to scare the public from attending the BN ceramah,” he said,

However, Zainal said Umno was undeterred by the incident, saying it would continue its many ceramah in the state during the campaign period which ends on May 5, polling day.

“But we will take more precautionary steps, and be on the look out for any suspicious individuals who can pose a problem to our ceramah,” said Zainal, the Nibong Tebal candidate.

Zainal expressed confidence in the police, saying the force will be monitoring the coalition’s ceramah sites as they have proper police permits for the events.

“Our BN safety officers will be on alert, and we call on the people to come to our ceramah as usual,” he said.

“The incident was meant to scare the public but BN and Umno are not scared of such threats,” he added.

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