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> 80% Chinese voters in Pagoh constituency voted for opposition


About 80% Chinese folks in Pagoh constituency voted for opposition in this election, many old folks also listened to their sons and daughters to abandon BN.

MCA branch in my kampung will be shut down and the village head will be resigned after 75% local Chinese voted against Muhiddyin.

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Mike says:

The MCA mafia in your kampung could not defend the party?

CSL brought downfall to MCA.
Wrong leadership.
The Ong Ka Chuan/Ka Ting and Ong Tee Kiat camps are no sharpening their knives.
But CSL could delay AGM or EGM indefinitetly to aafeguard his son’s future.

nkkhoo says:

There are 600 plus MCA members in my village, but less than 500 votes for BN.

I know my mum is not MCA member, she voted BN. Meaning many MCA members have voted for PR secretly.

Her MCA friend brainwashed her for years. I told my mum and her MCA friends that I could give 100 reasons why they shall not vote BN.

I respect their democratic right without telling them who to vote before polling day because undo 56 years of brainwashing is impossible.