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BN won the election with minority in total vote

Total valid vote casted in the parliamentary seats is 11,049,441

BN’s vote is 5,281,179 [47.80%]

PR’s vote is 5,605,313 [50.73%]

The votes for independent candidates is 162,949 [1.47%]

This is how BN robs the nation with uneven constituency size especially in Sarawak where a parliamentary seat in the rural is less than 25,000 electorates.

This is to remind you that BN under Najib is a minority voter sanctioned government.

PR won the battlefield, but lost in the war!

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Fazli says:

Najib buat lagi sejarah baru sebagai PM yang dapat mandat yang plaing kurang.

Mungkinkah dia sedang cari slogan baru pasal 1malaysia tak diterima majoriti?

APCO akan dapat kontrak baru cipta slogan baru?
Mungkinkah kali ini LimKokWing boleh cipta lagu baru untuk pancing undi Cina?

Ct Chan says:

“It’s not the voting that’s democracy, it’s the counting.”

Tom Stoppard, Jumpers (1972) act 1
British dramatist & screenwriter (1937 – )

nkkhoo says:

Without voting, how you count?

Sorry, I do not buy in “big man’s” nonsense.

Ct Chan says:

Depending on how ‘democracy’ are the votes are counted to decide seats.