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Good riddance of racists from the politics

vote MCA is vote Perkasa

Malays also fed up with the racists like Ibrahim Ali, Zukifli, and Ali Rustam.

These three Malay radicals are voted out in the Malay majority constituencies is telling UMNO that extremism will not work out to incite racial conflict.

The DAP candidate, Wang Tek also defected in Bentong is also a good riddance for another fanatic politician.

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Fazli says:

Kenapa Perkasa membisu saje lepas PRU13?

Dengar khabar Che Det yang mendesak Najib bawa masuk dua calun Perkasa dalam naungan BN. Chua Soi Lek pun sokong Zulkifi. Ini taktik tak berjaya.