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My bet on GE13 result comes true


My prediction on Kedah has came true. The Chinese and India have abandoned PAS Kedah for its poor performance and racial policies. But Chinese still vote PR in the parliamentary seats.

My prediction on Indians swing back to BN has came true also. Money politics like BR1M and Indian being sidelined by PR have pushed Indian voters back to BN. For instance, DAP not winning more seats like Segamat and Labis is due to Indian factor.

PR won more seats in Selangor indicated that the urban Malay and Chinese are still solidly behind PKR and DAP. DAP corrupt exco expelled from PR is a right move to restore PR credibility.

East coast Malay supports on PAS is improving and PAS won more seats in Teregganu and Pahang.

1Malaysia mafia false hope of winning Penang with money is a good lesson to teach MCA and UMNO that Penangites are no stupid stocks can buy over with RM3000.

My early warning is DAP leaders like Lim Guan Eng will become more cocky and arrogant after winning more Chinese support in Penang.

BN especially UMNO wins mainly due to overwhelming support from Indian voters, Malay Felda settlers, East Malaysia Muslim voters, phantom voters, army and police voters.

MCA and Gerakan are main losers in GE13. MCA and Gerakan should withdraw from BN and combined into a single party. MCA is doing good services at the grassroots level, a compliment I have to give them.

I believe BN won less than 50% of total vote although BN parliamentary seat is 59%.

The minority will rule over majority.

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