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Mahathir's logic is 90% Chinese support PR is racist while 90% Malays support BN is not


This is like black people in America condemn white people are racist if they vote in unison for a white man, but 90% of black men themselves voted for Obama is not racism.

This is double standards used by some people to condemn other racist without realizing themselves are more racist.

Mahathir seems is very forgetful that the same “Chinese tsunami” in 1999 had salvaged UMNO from being ousted by Barisan Alternative during the peak of reformasi movement. Lim Kit Siang was rejected by Chinese at that time.

Mahathir, why not you condemned yourself first for started Chinese tsunami movement in 1999 to save your ass?

How his sons became billionaires? How his sons got the government contracts? The insurance clearance system we used to renew road tax is owned by Mahathir’s family. There are tons of projects given to his son through the UMNO greedy rent-seeking system.

It’s A Chinese Tsunami In GE13, Aided By Group Of Power-crazy Malays – Mahathir
PUTRAJAYA, May 7 (Bernama) — Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said the outcome of the 13th general election showed a “Chinese tsunami”, aided by a group of power-crazy Malays.

He said he had mentioned during the election campaign, for example, in Johor, there was the concept of good power-sharing among the Malays, Chinese and Indians all this while.

“But Kit Siang (DAP advisor Lim Kit Siang) came and brought his ‘Malaysian Malaysia’ concept aimed at creating Chinese hatred towards the Malays; that they (the Malays) purportedly gained everything after independence,” he told a press conference at the Perdana Leadership Foundation building, here, Tuesday.

Mahathir said the sentiments spread throughout the country until the Chinese community rejected the “hand of friendship” of the Malay community, resulting in the “Chinese tsunami” in the GE13.

He was earlier asked to comment on the statement by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, attributing the defeat of outgoing Johor menteri besar Datuk Abdul Ghani Othman in the contest for the Gelang Patah parliamentary seat mainly to the “Chinese tsunami”, which saw the voters’ massive support for the opposition.

Dr Mahathir noted that the Malay community was getting weaker and more divided due to the attitude of some Malays who were hungry for power and positions to the extent of forgetting the community’s basic struggle for its race, religion and country.

“They want to gain power in whatever way. Even if they have to sell their own race to get what they want, they will do it,” he said.

The Malay community, he said, did not understand the real concept of a general election, held for the purpose of forming a government, but many regarded it as a platform to serve their own interest, so much so the community had become disunited.

“They think the general election is for getting positions, salary, job opportunity,…if they become a Yang Berhormat, they can get allowances and other benefits like projects, but forget that it’s about struggling for the people, religion and country

Dr Mahathir also said that the opposition pact’s plan to hold street demonstration if they lost in the GE13 was aimed at drawing sympathy from western countries which seemed unhappy with the development achieved by Malaysia led by Malay Muslims.

“Islam is now a universal enemy of many people in the west. They don’t want to see a country achieving development success under Muslim leadership, and will thus keep condemning the Malaysian government,” he said.


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Fazli says:

Fahaman Che Det: Melayu = Umno; Umno = Melayu
Ini dah tak boleh dipakai lagi di kalangan melayu muda.

Kalau orang Cina sokong Pakatan, bukankah mereka juga sokong PKR dan PAS yang juga banyak wakil melayu?

Apa pandangan suadar nkkhoo dengan nasib Chua Soi Lek?
Patutkah dia meletak jawatan serta-merta tanpa syarat?
Kawan Cina saya kata CSL nak cari jalan untuk anaknya Tee Yong dulu.
Tapi sekarang banyak akar-umbi MCA dah tak sabar lagi untuk menjatuhkan dia.
Ong Tee Kiat boleh buat comeback? Atau Ong Ka Chuan dan Ka Tin boleh rampas kuasa?

nkkhoo says:

MCA defeated in the GE not the fault of CSL, no MCA leader can win over Chinese heart if UMNO is still praticising racism and cronyism.

Chinese have never asked UMNO to abolish bumi special rights. Only UMNO fabricated the story to cheat Malay in kampung.

CSL is hold on to protect his son, his attempt will fail because MCA grassroots is very angry and upset with him. I believe Ong Ka Chua will take over MCA and rejoin cabinet with lesser representative.

安娣 says:




7 国 11州
马华变 Seven Eleven

蔡细历还不是一样的在怪华人执迷不悟! 简直就是把国阵的大选成绩怪罪于华人!



nkkhoo says:

Local DAP already in discussion on how to take over MCA’s roles.

MCA pull up from BN means permanent death for MCA.

Mike says:

The MCA mmbers should kow the true colour of Mahathir and Najib.
About time for them to discard the party for good.

Anyway, they would leave the aprty as it was reported on Kwong Hwa that at least 10,000 will be jobless as MCA/Gerakan quit cabinet positions and DUN positions resulting in less fund for the service centres.