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Mohd Ali mengamuk


He was shamelessly blamed the Chinese for his defeat at the Bukit Katil parliamentary seat in the Chinese newspapers.

How could Chinese play such a vital role in the 53% Malay majority constituency to unseat Ali?

Even I assume all 41% Chinese voted for Shamsul, without 30% Malay voters swung to PKR, Ali was pretty safe.

Ali Rustam is a Malay radical, he was rejected by the moderate Malays. Himself has to be blamed for his own defeat for associating with the Perkasa.

Hard rock cafe in the historic city is an insult to Malaccan culture and heritage. His was punished by Malaccans.

GE13: I won’t forget those who betrayed me, says Mohd Ali

MALACCA: An upset Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam has expressed disappointment over his defeat, saying that he will not forget those who backstabbed him.

“I am very disillusioned that the very people whom I have helped by providing business opportunities and caring for their welfare have sabotaged me,” said the former Chief Minister.

Mohd Ali said he was a gentleman in his defeat but he just could not accept how some of his long-time friends broke their promises.

In his 12 years as Chief Minister, Mohd Ali said he had helped the electorate, especially those who needed funds for their programmes.

“Based on the outcome of the election results, I discovered that the areas that had earlier sought our help were the ones which had betrayed me. I am very sad,” he said.

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Fazli says:

MB Melaka baru mungkin menambahkan lagi unsur melayu/Islam di bandar Melaka?

nkkhoo says:

The new CM is another Malay bigot.