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Chinese representatives in the cabinet are punching bags for UMNO racist policies

Umno supremacy in BN

MCA not doubt having a low moral leader, but their massive defeat in GE13 is mainly due to UMNO supremacy in the BN and racist policies imparted on Chinese.

MCA grassroots is very upset their good services to Chinese community is not appreciated. I support MCA to pull out from the BN government because serving as a punching bag is not a fun thing.

Without any Chinese representatives in the Cabinet, I can 100% sure to say 90% Chinese voters will vote PR in GE 14.

BN total votes have dropped from 51% in 2008 to 47% in 2013. Further decline in total vote percentage will see PR taking over federal government.

GE13: Not good to govern without Chinese representation, says Dr Mahathir

PUTRAJAYA: It is not good for a government in multi-racial Malaysia to function without Chinese representation, says Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic).

The former prime minister said the Chinese community had always been represented in Government by the MCA and Gerakan.

The fact remains that some Chinese voters supported the MCA, which won seven parliamentary seats, he added.

“MCA is the main (Chinese-based) party in the coalition and government, and if they are not in it, who will represent the Chinese?

“Do we forget about them altogether or do we appoint someone not from MCA?” he told a press conference here yesterday.

Dr Mahathir was commenting on MCA’s stand that the party would not take up any government posts after faring worse in this general election compared to 2008.

Dr Mahathir said that Barisan Nasional, a coalition of racial-based parties, was the best answer for Malaysians.

On whether Najib should consider inviting DAP to become the representative of the Chinese in the Government, Dr Mahathir said: “That would depend on the Chinese whether they want to participate. If they want, who do they want as their representatives?

“I am quite sure DAP would not want to participate unless it is in a dominant position because DAP has always maintained that MCA is Umno’s lackey.”

Umno secretary-general Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor hoped MCA would re-consider its decision as the party was part and parcel of Barisan.

“They are very disappointed that their 55 years of contributions have not been recognised by the Chinese. They fought for the Chinese but did not get the acknowledgement.

“I can understand how they feel, but we (Barisan) don’t ditch our partners when they are down,” he said.

Tengku Adnan said Malaysia needed representatives from all major races in the Cabinet to form a balanced government.

Johor Baru MP Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad said that MCA leaders who won in the polls should be given government posts as they are leaders for all races and not merely the Chinese community.

“They (MCA) representatives don’t merely represent the Chinese community, but work for all other races too.

“For example, if the MCA representative is holding the Housing Minister’s post, does it mean he serves only as the housing minister for the Chinese?” he said.

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Fazli says:

MCA tak masuk kabinet?

Ini taktik untuk menakutkan masyarakat Cina tak bawa kesan.

Kalau MCA tak masuk kabinet atau DUN, mana boleh cari duit?
MCA = Mana Cari Angpow?

Pandangan saya ini satu lagi sandiwara MCA.

Mike says:

MCA grassroot service centre folks can join Pakatan service centres to continue to serve the needy.