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DAP's mass rally is a factor to push away Malay votes


The mass rally serves no purpose if it only attracts more Chinese voters, but in the meantime it scared off some Malays in the rural. PKR and PAS have suffered in the sub-urban and rural constituencies due to “Chinese phobia” syndrome created by UMNO.

PR is better to take the lesson and scale down DAP rallies in future.

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Fazli says:

Selagi ada propaganda TV3 dan Utusan, orang kampung tak pasti tahu kebenaran.

Tapi Najib nak beri 30 min internet percuma setiap hari kepada masyarkat miskin (kampung?), mungkin mereka boleh baca blog? Saudara nkkhoo boleh ambil kesempatan dengan blog versi bahasa melayu?

Saya tak begitu percaya sama cakap Najib tentang ‘tsunami Cina’. Masyarkat melayu di bandar dah sedar, cuma Najib nak buat tuduhan untuk mendapat sokongan melayu.

Che Det kata orang Cina tak balas budi. Soalny Che Det patut berterima kasih pada masyarakat Cina yang undi untuk BN dan selamatkan dia waktu 1999 bila hampir 80% orang melayu nak reformasi untuk Anwar.

nkkhoo says:

Not entirely true. The old MCA supporters including my mum in my village NEVER touch on computer although more than 50% home in new village are already connected to internet.

The old man is a racist bigot. Chinese support BN is grateful and support PR is ungrateful is a nonsense.

jhf says:

In time to come the malays will regret not voting for Pakatan, when barang naik hits them.
Each time they pay at toll booth they could be cursing their wrong decision. Same thing will happen when they buy their next overpriced Proton and face the hike in utilities price.

nkkhoo says:

You have to see Malays in different perspective.

50% urban Malays support PR.

30% sub-urban Malays support PR.

5% rural Malays support PR.

50% Malay in Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang support PR.

95% Iban, Melayu, Malanau, Sulu (former Filipino), other Muslims in Sabah and Sawarak support UMNO.

The Malays in Felda enjoy good life from the palm oil estate until recently. The competition from Indonesia will change that and Felda settlers will feel the same pinch like urban Malays before GE14.

PR main weakness is in Felda and East Malaysia where electorate size is skewed to rural area.