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Why MCA pulls out from the Cabinet?

BN sinking

Actually MCA is very unhappy with UMNO, Chua CD just takes bad result in GE13 as an excuse to pull out.

The pull out is a silent protest against UMNO’s supremacy in BN which has caused MCA deserted by Chinese.

UMNO has no choice and to keep MCA because DAP will never kowtow to UMNO.

MCA is playing political game with UMNO.

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JJ says:

AES akan di laksanakan pada bulan 6 ini, semua saman2 RM 300 yang lama tetap hidup dan wajib di bayar, jika tidak bayar, masuk mahkamah, lesen tidak boleh di hidupkan, roadtax tidak boleh di renew, tahniah pengundi Barisan Nasional semua! tahniah..

Sekarang anda tahu Najib ‘reserve’ Minister of AES untuk MCA!

Pat says:

MCA is already irrelevant. Do not try to defend MCA. It is pathetic to see people finding excuses for this sining party (if not sunk already)!

nkkhoo says:

MCA is still needed to ensure DAP is not sinking another MCA in PR.