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At least 40% Chinese will swing to BN in GE14 if Muhyiddin resolves 100 reasons say no to BN in my blog

I am a voter in Pagoh constituency and know Muhyiddin since my teenage year. He is not a Malay right-wing radical although he did say “Malay first, Malaysian second”.

> 70% Chinese in Pagoh constituency decided to vote for PR is because of BN policy structural issues archived in 100 reasons say no to BN, not because of Chinese rejecting him.

There is not a single demand to abolish bumi special rights, kick out sultan and support Lim Kit Siang as Malaysian PM.

If UMNO moves to racism or Malay nationalism to win back Malay votes, I believe UMNO will be wiped out in GE14 by all moderate Malays, Chinese, Indian and others.

Muhyiddin: Umno needs to undergo radical political transformation

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KUALA LUMPUR: Umno needs to undergo a more comprehensive and radical political transformation process in the face of rising challenges over the years, said Umno deputy president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

He said in order for Umno to become a more dynamic, inclusive, visionary and sacred Malay-Muslim political party, it should be more universal in its struggle without undermining the objectives of its establishment.

Hence, he said middle class and young Malays whose outlook and thoughts were different from that of the earlier generation, who laid the foundation and shaped Umno’s direction, should be reached and engaged.

“The middle class Malays, who are urban dwellers, are the pillars of Umno’s new strength. By getting closer to them, the party will get an injection of new spirit and ideas to further strengthen its struggle through the passage of time,” he said in a message in conjunction with Umno’s 67th anniversary celebration here, Saturday night.

Muhyiddin said to ensure that the rejuvenation process in Umno would evolve faster, more opportunities should be provided to the younger generation, professionals and middle class Malays to be more active in the party.

He said not only their entry into Umno should be welcomed, they should also be prepared for bigger roles and eventually lead the party in future.

Muhyiddin also stressed the need for Barisan Nasional (BN) component parties to spearhead a larger process of change to ensure they were accepted by all races in the country.

“They need to be more sensitive in building a cohesive party and strike a strategic alliance with Umno to ensure that the BN would get stronger support from the people.

As BN director of election, Muhyiddin registered his appreciation to BN machinery and party supporters, who worked tirelessly to ensure Umno and BN’s victory in the just concluded 13th general election (GE13).

He said in GE13, Umno’s position became much stronger as it increased the number of parliamentary seats to 79 and state seats to 241 compared to 79 and 238 seats respectively in the 2008 general election, apart from wresting Kedah from the opposition.

Muhyiddin said the next five years before the 14th general election would be crucial for Umno’s survival as a sacred Malay party.

“In this short space of time, each level of the Umno leadership at the national, state, divisions and branches have to carry out self-reflection and take corrective actions to ensure that Umno will continue to uphold its struggle to protect the religion, people and our beloved country,” he said.

He also urged Umno members to remain loyal to and support Najib to enable him to lead the country and the party to greater success.

Story first published on: May 11, 2013 23:00 (MYT)

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