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It's absurd for MPPP to tear down overhead bridge just because of no enough pedestrians

KL city is building new overhead bridge for pedestrians while Penang is planning to remove overhead bridge.

The new pedestrian bridge in KL is a huge success.

The reasons given by Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his exco is pedestrians prefer jaywalking and fewer people are using the “octupus” bridge.


May I suggest Penang government legalize robbing when more people start to rob? Go fine the jaywalkers instead of saying the bridge is not used by them.

Besides, has any study been done to suggest zebras are a better option for crossing the road without causing traffic jam?

LGE and his exco should ask questions themselves why the same bridge in KL is welcome by KLites.

Installing elevators and air-conditioning bridge coupled with strict enforcement on jaywalking will reduce jaywalking habit and restore the intended function of pedestrian bridge.

Locking off the bridge after 12PM is another option to prevent sin activities on the bridge.

Maybe without tearing down an old bridge, MPPP has no excuse to spend taxpayer’s money on new infrastructure.

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plk says:

i no pro pr or barisan.

from layman point of view, this octopus pedetrian overhead walk
a) eyesore – poorly design
b) crime has been reported frequently up there.
c) beggars like to hang around there – not good for tourism image
d) and if you believe, the feng sui of octopus here stop the positive “chi”. Penang road needs to be revived spiritually to bring more joy to the tourists. rakyat and the business communities (wheteher pro pr or not)

nkkhoo says:

I beg to differ, as a former Penang resident for 10 years, I always used the Octopus bridge for my safety and convenience in crossing the roads.

1. The bridge design can be improved with some modifications.

2. Should you close all places in Penang with crime case reported?

3. The failure of local government to keep away beggars. The bridge should not be blamed for the failure of local government.

There are beggars in the Komtar building, thus LGE should remove his own office too.

4. Feng sui is not a science, not every taxpayer believes in this Chinese cultural heritage.

If the feng sui leading to LGE’s office is not good, PR government already lost to BN’s money politics.

JJ says:

10 years ago under Gerakan.
So you should see the new Penang for yourself.
Else, your view can be out-dated.