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Global survey claims Malaysians among the least racially tolerant

PETALING JAYA: Malaysians are among the least racially tolerant in the world, according to the World Values Survey carried out by Swedish economists.

The survey showed that 20% to 29.9% of Malaysians would not like living next to a person of a different race.

Malaysia was lumped together in the category with Thailand, the Philippines, Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Mali and Zambia.

The survey was carried out to determine whether racial tolerance was linked to free-market economics.

The data survey comprising 81 countries, produced as an “atlas of global tolerance” by Niclas Berggren and Therese Nilsson, was reported in the Washington Post.

It revealed that Malaysia was ranked after India, Bangladesh and Hong Kong (40% and above) and Indonesia (30% to 39.9%).

As many as 43.5% of Indians, 51.4% of Jordanians, 71.8% of Hong Kongers and 71.7% of Bangladeshis said they would not want to live with a neighbour of another race.

In contrast, only 9.9% of Singaporeans were considered racially intolerant.

To gauge the respondents’ level of racial tolerance, they were told to identify whom they would not want as neighbours.

In the map, countries that were more racially tolerant were coloured blue.

Countries that were less tolerant were coloured in different shades of red.

Malaysia was coloured “light red”.

Anglo and Latin countries were rated as the most racially tolerant.

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saravanan says:

Zahid Hamidi has shown us thst 1Malaysia is a hollow slogan with his racist statement.

Why must everyone has to follow BN?
They are just wakil rakyat i.e elected by people.

BN does not understand what is democracy.