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Police learned the killing technique from the Chinese Communusts?

An Indian policeman was made scapegoat for Kula’s brutal murder case. Now another Indian was murdered in the lock-up under the police custody.

I have to say a rude thing to 70% Indians who voted BN, “Serve you right for your generosity to keep UMNO in the government.”

What you say Hindraf ex-Chairman, Waythamoorthy about this state orchestrated murder?

Anyone in Malaysia can face the same fate like this Indian if we keep silence.

Horror: Deceased battered, ears stapled

K Pragalath and G Lavendran | May 22, 2013

The family of N Darmindran were shocked to see him covered in bruises and his ears stapled. They suspect that he was beaten and tortured to death while in police custody.

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