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Anwar's illegal 505 blackout protests will backfire if continue


How can PR forming a new government if PKR itself is violating the law passed in the parliament?

If Anwar wants to call protests against election frauds, he is better to follow the peaceful assembly act unless his sinister intention is to force police to arrest and charge him and make him a martyr.

Do not assume 51% voters voted for PR are mobs.

Go challenge the election results in court with the hard evidence first, if the court is behaving like Malaysian police siding the BN government, then street protest is only solution to ask for change in SPR management after losing all legal venues for seeking justice.

I do not mind to march in the front row to face police for Bersih 4.0 demonstration.

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plk says:

since you wear no black suggest you sty at home tomorrow can watch astro aec (channel 301) 10pm cuti-cuti backpackers program this week destination Muar.
i saw trailer and they catch fish at Muar river and find seahorses. should be interesting

nkkhoo says:

Aiyah, I do not subscribe astro aec. Taiwanese TV show already promoting Muar river as a tourist haven, local TV seems is lagging behind.