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SPR claimed this backout in Serdang photo is fake, please charge me in court to prove your case

This is open challenge to SPR, they can get help from MCMC and police if they do not have expertise to do digital forensic study. Just leave a message here to inform me the court notice, I will not run away and hide.

The State Assembly member for Seri Serdang, Noor Hanim Ismail, has refuted a statement by the Election Commission that alleged that a photograph circulated on the Internet showing a “blackout” during a vote-counting process at the recent general election was staged.

Noor Hanim claims that the photograph was actually taken by one of her counting agents in the Saluran 3 tallying station at Sekolah Kebangsaan Serdang at 7.32pm on 5 May 2013. She also denied claims that the photograph was taken prior to polling day as alleged by the Deputy Chairman of the EC, Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar.

According to Sin Chew news, there was another blackout incident on the polling day at Jementah Johor. Because the party agents have touchlights in standby, the power blackout lasted for a few minutes only.

Power blackout in Bentong is a hoax does not mean power blackout incidents in other places are fake.



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Julian says:

BN will not take action on you as you are not a prominent blogger.
Perhaps you could put in more sensitive postings to attract their attention.

nkkhoo says:

They have tried once, but failed to win in the court. They learn the hard lesson for not touching blogger with brain.

chin fei says:




P016 Baling国会选区一共有合格选民93,168。其属下的州议席是N30 Bayu (34,570),N31 Kupang (30,511),N32 Kuala Ketil (28,087)。505当天出来的合格选民总出席投票率是89.2% (82,904)。


P016 Baling 国会议席总选票数目是82,904,而其属下的3个州议席的总票数目却是82,946 !相差了共42张选票!! 为何会出现这42张选票的差额呢? 是不是非常值得质疑呀?!

*ps. 国州选票数据包括了SPR公布的废票入内。