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I urge PR boycotts Parliament to take on the challenge from SPR

EC challenges Anwar to boycott parliament
Priscilla Prasena | May 28, 2013

Its deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar tells the PKR supremo to skip the upcoming parliament session if he won’t accept the results of 13th GE.

PUTRAJAYA: The election commission today threw a challenge to PKR Supremo Anwar Ibrahim to withdraw from parliament if he does not accept the results of the 13th general election.

“Those taking to the streets are the same people who had accepted the results in Penang and Selangor,” EC deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar told FMT.

“In Penang, they were sworn in immediately after the election. If you do not accept the results and claim that the election was unfair, why swear in?” asked Wan Ahmad.

“This is a sheer hypocrisy,” he said. “I challenge Anwar to boycott Parliament if he is unhappy.”

Wan Ahmad explained that a petition could be filed within 21 days after the results have been gazetted.

The results were gazetted on May 20, which now provides an avenue for dissatisfied parties to voice their grievances in a proper manner and through the right channel.

“I would like to thank PAS for accepting the election results and I urge all Malaysians to follow the law.

“There are avenues to express grievances, the courts can decide if the EC has failed to carry out its duties accordingly, instead of taking it to the streets,” said Wan Ahmad.

He stressed that the EC had carried out its duties according to the law and the constitution, and anyone who claims otherwise should challenge them in court.

“Malaysians are not gullible. People today are smart enough to differentiate claims by irresponsible parties who might have their personal agenda,” EC deputy chief explained.

Anwar, Pakatan Rakyat’s de facto leader, has been organising rallies nationwide dubbed “Black 505″ against electoral fraud in the general election.

Anwar has also said the opposition would produce evidence backing its claims that Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s government and EC committed fraud.

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