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No money politics because SPR, MACC and police are sleeping

BN mendakwa tiada politik wang di Pulau Pinang memang ada asasnya kerana SPR, polis dan MACC semuanya tidur apabila laporan-laporan telah dibuat terhadap pihak yang memberi wang percuma di kawasan-kawasan dimenangi UMNO oleh Pakatan Rakyat.

money politics in Penang

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xiaoxiang says:


难道国阵没有人网上唱衰民联?Utusan? TV3?

听说DR M女儿也是红豆兵之一,而且在某个亲民联FB里。请问警方,是否要抓啊?

nkkhoo says:

More denials from BN on its own weaknesses, then more possibility BN will be kicked out in GE14.

There are DAP hardcore and brainless netizens running wild, but I do believe more than 90% so-called red bean army is the neutral people without any political affiliation and pay.

I do not mind to attack PR everyday If BN pays me RM10,000 a month. LOL

Hamid says:

Red Bean Army?
Umno started the trend with Utusan and TV3, but they have failed to master the cyberspace and this could prove costly in PRU14.

nkkhoo says:

I do not believe misinformed propaganda from any party can win the GE with the free flow information in internet.

xiaoxiang says:


What say you?

plk says:

i look forward to young MCA Ubah (led by Nicole Wong should appeal to NKKHoo). Old guards of MCA tutup 1 mata on dirty corrruption.

chin fei says:

Polis 吃饱太得空就去抓匪徒,每天很多抢劫案,给你们这般老水去抓抢匪!