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A CEO is hired only to optimize ROI, not to meet quota


Refer to “Discrimination in many private companies in the Star“, I wish to differ with Alina.

Any boss in the private companies only interested to hire someone as CEO to optimize the earning of his assets. They are no hesitate to hire a monkey to run their company if the monkey can give them highest ROI.

I do not deny the observation by the writer on CEO in Chinese-owned companies nearly all are Chinese.

Did the writer investigate how many percentage in Malay-owned company hire non-bumi as CEO? Although I do not have the statistics on hand, but I believe the trend is same as Chinese-owned company, Malay CEOs are dominated in the Malay-owned private companies.

Set aside race-based CEO hiring trend in local companies. I found almost all CEOs in MNCs based in Penang are non-Malay. The Penang state government has no say on recruitment in MNCs, but why there are still few Malays appointed as CEO in MNCs controlled by foreigners.

The answer is the market forces decide. Only those capable person will be hired as CEO regardless of your skin color.

If a Malay is proven as an excellent CEO like ex-Petronas CEO, he will be marketable like a hot cake in the job market. Tan Sri Hassan Marican was hired as a chairman of Singapore Power Limited (SP) is telling us that your race and color is not the constraining factor to be CEO for any profit-oriented companies in this world.

You should only question profitability and management style in the public-listed and government-linked companies if you are a stakeholder for these companies.

It’s not my or your business to question MNCs, Chinese or Malay companies on who are their CEO and how they run their companies. The market will decide the survival of these companies.

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