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Michelle Yeoh a role model for Malaysians?


No doubt she is the most famous artist from Malaysia, and never hide her identity as a Malaysian unlike some Malaysian Chinese artists in abroad.

She is definitely not a role model for traditional Malaysians who are having their families and several kids.

Frankly I still do not understand what the great contributions to the nation by Michelle Yeoh for her to be conferred a Tan Sri award.

May be her open support to BN in last GE13 is her main contribution to make more Chinese supporting PR. Penang or Selangor government should be the one recommends her for Tan Sri.

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QQ178 says:


Stylo Mylo says:

i though 1M4U meant for youths only and how can a rather senior girl like Mitchell Yeoh relate to youngters of Msia ? I though she appeals more to senior mat sallehs ???

imran says:

I am outside of malaysia .I am yeoh’s fan .
But i haven’t found a true contribution for malaysia by her. She is working as ambassdor on a safe road or something like organization.
But always she loves to introduce herself as a malaysian so she should really do something for her own country.
She has a lot of money. I mean she is number one actress in the word according to worth. So she can open a organization for her own country or at least she can take some important steps.

nkkhoo says:

Her Italian boy friend was paid a million US dollar by Malaysian government to promote Malaysia. By calling ourselves as Malaysians in overseas is not a great achievement to be given Tan Sri. I never say I from Singapore when I am in overseas. 🙂

My impression is anyone with money or fame is entitled to be given a Tan Sri or a datuk title in Malaysia. The value of such awards is diluted due to poor quality and quantity control.

Hamid says:

LimKokWing also got Tan Sri for his 1Malaysia song contribution?

imran says:

@nkkhoo , Ha ha You are right.But There are a lot of difference between you and her to telling that you are from malaysia or you are a malaysian( I don’t know that you are a celebrity. But both feel are same ). When she gives interview in any newspaper and if she tell in that interview that i am a malaysian and i love malaysia so much then world’s people will be interested about malaysia. So you can tell that it is a one kind of promoting. But i mention that she should really do something for his own country and it won’t be for showing off herself. And must be really for people of malaysia .

And i really don’t know about her Italian boy friend has been paid to promote. I think mr.jean todt should promote malaysia without any pay but from love. Cause his girlfriend likes to promote and may be he likes and loves his girlfriend.

Anyway i read a news that she was selected the first mentor of a youth organization of malaysia yesterday.
Hope she can really do right things by that. I mean not for her showing off.

nkkhoo says:

She is more proactive after getting Tan Sri by joining several new volunteer projects.

Stylo Mylo says:

how do you rate Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh as an actress ?
do you watch her movies on tonton ?

nkkhoo says:

She is a good actress, I watched her crouching Tiger movie in the theater, the last time I watched a movie in cinema. Her role as Sun Kyi is quite impressive also.

Stylo Mylo says:

Then i recommend you to watch her more recent movie called “Reign of assasins” where she disguised herself in the movie – so could she disguise herself with agendas supporting 1M4U ?

sp lim says:

i prefer MCA’s Nicole (who lost to teresa kok) over her. Young MCA like her make us believe in what earlier generation MCA folks have done for the nation (eg at Muar)

Joy says:

Many Malaysians still cannot separate fact from fiction.
She is an actress and people identified too much with her movie role. If she is a MCA supporter, why MCA never capitalise on her popularity?

nkkhoo says:

Why not? She called Malaysians to support BN in a mammoth makan gathering at Klang.

Julian says:

What so great about her?

Is having an old Italian boyfriend an achievement?

Purdeep says:

Role model for Malaysians to move abroad to earn a career then marry Mat Salleh to show Malaysia boleh !

nkkhoo says:

No comment on other private life.