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No-bike in crime prone area is an overkill reaction


No bikes in the city centers is a good idea on paper. For instance, Guangdong city government has imposed such ruling to curb snatching crime with bikes.

The difference is Guangdong city has a better public transport system like MRT than Kuala Lumpur to transport millions city dwellers in and out of city each day conveniently.

Banning motorbikes in the city is not a headache for the mass working class in Guangdong, but similar measure is simply not practical and feasible in Kuala Lumpur or other major cities in Malaysia with their pathetic public transport systems under the BN government.

Banning all bike pillion riders in the crime prone areas is a more pragmatic measure.

Some may suggest only male rider is not allowed, but how on earth to tell a male wearing female clothing with a helmet is a male criminal waiting to prey on his victim.


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