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I boycott Econsave due to no refund for spoiled milk

boycitt econsave

Purchased a package of Goodday fresh milk with expired date on 16 June 2013 from an Econsave supermarket in Alam Damai Cheras on 31 May 2013. Opened the milk package on 3 June 2013 and found the milk already spoil. Returned it to Econsave on 4 June 2013.

The customer service and the store manager declined to refund or replace it with another good package. The reason given is frozen food is non-returnable after three days of purchased.

The issue is no such disclaimer on the receipt or in any notice displayed in the Econsave. In contrast, Giant prints the non-return disclaimer on the receipt.

giant receipt with return policy

Econsave is losing a customer forever after the incident.

The store manager replied in Bahasa Malaysia after I cc my blog to Econsave HQ by blaming his new staff for not knowing the company’s refund policy.

The fact is Econsave counter staff referred the refund matter to his supervisor or manager.

No offer to refund me except to put the blame squarely on the counter staff is a very pathetic and unprofessional reply, a sign of poor management in the company. I will demote the manager if I run the company.

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