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Always check the quantity of purchased items from any supermarket


I just went for a shopping at a Giant Superstore for my sundry goods weekly restock.

The counter staff members I believe intentionally to keep [steal is a proper term] an item for themselves. After I pushed away the shopping cart for next customer’s turn and before started counting the number of items in the trolley in the corridor. A male counter staff member quickly returned the item to me.

Giant used to print the quantity of purchased on the receipt, some how the quantity is no longer printed now. I do not know why they delete purchased quantity, an important anti-fraud indicator for consumers.

I believe some unscrupulous counter staff members in the superstores, supermarkets and hypermarkets are using this dirty trick to steal purchased items from the customers. Many customers have never counted the quantity before they leave the counter.

Sometimes an item is also multiple billed, so counting the right quantity in the trolley to tally with the number items in the receipt is a simple step to prevent you from being cheated.

I urge Malaysian government to make it a mandatory for any shop to print out total purchased quantity together with the prices in the receipt.

I do not report this incident to Giant HQ since no “crime” is committed, but I will send this story to The Star as a customer awareness purpose.

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Cumi Ciki says:

looks like you are health conscious.
however, you are not as chubby as Wee KS so why so concerned and go for low fat food ?
also be careful not to overtake processed food like bebola (fish ball with “q”ness bcoz plenty of harmful boric acid !

nkkhoo says:

Basically you have to produce your own food to get rid of any harmful chemical.

Routine body maintenance is the best prevention for all diseases. I want to beat Chua CD stamina record when I reaching 60. 🙂