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PR shall boycott Parliament opening session to send 'SPR must resign' signal

spr must resign

I hope DAP and PAS reconsider their decision and join PKR to boycott parliament opening session to take on open challenge from SPR.

SPR throw out an open challenge by asking PR to boycott parliament itself is an open insult to king and nation.

PR boycott is merely to highlight SPR is arrogant, incompetent and disrespect the king and rakyat.

Present SPR members must resign en block to make way for SPR reform.

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jun tsiang says:

The most stupid statement of 2013…..Dewan Rakyat speaker says he can boycott Pakatan swearing too!

nkkhoo says:

A donkey is always a donkey.

hamzah says:

don’t be surprised Marina M joins the rally !

nkkhoo says:

She appeared in Bersih 2 and 3. I do not think Marina M will show up in this coming blackout rally because it’s not a NGO event.

Gopalan says:

Lets JOM ‘BLACK 505 KL’ ‘ in our 100’s of thousands wearing black on 22th June @ Padang Merbok 12.00 PM.

Bring along your frens, colleagues, neighbours…in fact your whole kampong along except children below 15. UBAH. We be there…shouting EC tipu, EC..Puuuiiiiiiiiii.

nkkhoo, are you attending?

nkkhoo says:

Chinese shall not go for black 505 rally, let Malay and Indian show up to rebut Mahathir that the rally is Chinese Sdn Bhd.

Gopalan says:

Who in the Ministry of Health issued the letter stating a small stain of silver nitrate will cause kidney trouble or cancer? If there were such a letter from the Ministry Of Health, why didn’t EC openly inform the public? When those early voters complained (Made Police Report) that the ink came off on the same day, why did the EC say that the polling officer must shake the ink every now and then and not telling the truth?

It gives us the impression that our public servants have very little regards of how shameless it is to lying through their teeth in public (Just like our former Health Minister). So much so that EC, like the other BN ministers, did it ‘naturally’ anywhere and anytime!

If indeed silver nitrate can cause kidney failure, then I am going to sue the EC because I am already suffering from kidney failure and the use of the indelible ink with silver nitrate has caused by creatinine level to suddenly shoot up. Had I been told of this fact, I would have refused to allow it to be applied on my finger. In other words, the EC is guilty of causing potential kidney failure patients to go for dialysis faster..

nkkhoo says:

I think extract from the nail flower is better than indelible ink used in GE13.