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Gardenia’s new packaging

gardenia bread new packaging

Be alerted that new bread packaging. Just make sure you do not buy the bread by mistake if you have boycotted the company.

One more reason to boycott Gardenia is the company’s major shareholder is Singaporean/Indonesian based in Singapore if you support Malaysians arrested by Singapore police during the blackout rally in Kiasuland.

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jun tsiang says:

People are boycotting Gardenia not because of Singapore but because they do not want to support cronies! Repackaging would not hide it from the eyes of the public.

In the past Gardenia used flour from FFM Berhad owned by Robert Kwok. But after Bernas (BN) took over Gardenia it stop using flour from FFM.

From what I can see more and more people are buying MASSIMO (Robert Kwok-linked) as it is more crispy and tastier.

nkkhoo says:

Singapore is not just the biggest BN crony, it also a depositor for black money from Malaysia.

You will be shocked to know how corrupt is corrupt in UMNO if you are insider and beneficiary of UMNO crony system.

The rot is from the top to bottom.

jun tsiang says:

Be careful as many anti-Umno bloggers have been identified by MCMC. Perhaps you will soon be required to register your portal domain.

nkkhoo says:

Give the names of these bloggers. I beg you cannot because you talk cock.

Register my domain? Based on what law? If you cannot talk with fact, let shut up your bloody mouth.

Why you afraid of MCMC if you are writing on facts? Are you hired by Chua CD to scare off bloggers?

I will delete this kind of nonsense a few days later.

Gabriel says:

I think jun tsiang meant well with his advice. you know now that Umno is targeting Chinese bloggers and blame them as red bean army.

nkkhoo says:

Advice without fact is nonsense.

ltj says:

go and buy own bread maker, use the finest oat and low fat milk and stay healthy without food conditional or preservatives !

Many Johorians still not aware of Rob Kwok’s bread.

nkkhoo says:

In bread, the chemical lengthening agent is added too. Unfinished rice can be used for making bread.