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Chemical weapon from Indonesia never fail to attack Malaysia

Malacca haze

The is the price for having a bad neighbor, the haze from Indonesia Sumatra has never failed to reach West Malaysia yearly.

Haze and unhealthy air readings detected in six towns

Malacca shrouded in haze. Malacca shrouded in haze.

PETALING JAYA: The haze situation is worsening over the peninsula, with air pollutant index (API) readings above 100 in six areas, which is considered unhealthy.

Health authorities have issued a general advisory for members of the public, especially those with respiratory problems, to avoid outdoor activities if possible.

As at 11am Sunday, the Department of Environment detected unhealthy air quality readings for Port Klang (104), Malacca (129), Linggi (117), Sungai Udang (120), Muar (125) and Kijal (101), with the rest of the Peninsula showing good and moderate levels.

The Department confirmed that over 40 hotspots were detected in Sumatra, Indonesia with westerly monsoon winds blowing the smoke particles across the Straits of Malacca to the west coast of the peninsula.

Health authorities are monitoring the situation and will issue further public advisories accordingly.

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Jasni says:

Interesting comment by YB LKS in his blog:

It is regrettable that despite the haze emergency in Johore, the Department of Environment has failed to set up more APIM locations in the state to monitor the air pollution readings – such as Kulai, Pontian, Batu Pahat, Kluang, Segamat etc. This is another example of Pananivel sleeping on his job as Environment Minister.

nkkhoo says:

I remember API data was kept as official secret. The worst haze I encountered is API 863 in Kuching in 1998. The visibility is less than a meter.

Malaysian life span is shortened by a few months or years by the haze from Indonesia.

It’s estimated 90 billion USD losses each year due to haze in Asean. Malaysia and Singapore should bring Indonesia to international court and ask for compensation from Indon haze disaster,

jhf says:

Indonesia claimef that open burning in Sumatra was practised by Malaysian and Singaporean plantation owners operating there. So far 2 Singapore companies have denied but not Malaysian companies. Why they are so scared to name the companies? Haze situation getting into unhealthy in Johor!

nkkhoo says:

Sumatra is under Malaysia or Indonesia? Indonesian government seems is powerless to act against errant foreign companies.

Indon idiots are corrupted as UMNO goon, basically you can do anything in Indonesia if you have money to bribe Indon police and army.

Many outsiders do not know that every big city in Indonesia has a chicken village operated under the full protection of police and army. So, it’s safe to visit the chicken village. LOL