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If BN government allows prophet Muhammed statue be used in the bar....

….local Muslims will burn down the bar and the owners may be chopped off to pieces.

buddha bar sabah

Actually there is another Buddha Bar camouflaged under “Buda Haus” name in KL City. Buddha statues are placed in the bar where alcohol is sold and meat is consumed. The bar is located behind Berjaya Square.

Sabah state government allows a bar called Buddha Bar to operate in Kota Kinabalu and a Buddha statue is installed as the bar logo.

How can local council approves the business license for a bar with Buddha name and a permit is given to install Buddha statue in the bar?

BN government allows Buddhism to be insulted openly. May be this is a revenge against Chinese for voting PR.

Indonesian government has banned Buddha Bar after the court found the company is offending a religion and it’s a blasphemy against Buddhist.

Western and Islamic countries will never allow Jesus or prophet Muhammed statue in the bar, but allow Buddha statue because they know Buddhist followers will not bomb the bar like Christians and Muslims. They have selective freedom when it comes to religion.

I hope the government enacts a law to ban and punish anyone who insult the religious figures of any religion.

酒吧摆设佛像 马佛青斥褻瀆

(吉隆坡16日讯)大马佛教青年总会(马佛青)严正抗议在亚庇营业的BUDDHA BAR,並反对以佛像为摆设品的酒吧。

马佛青认为,6月15日开始营业的BUDDHA BAR是不尊重佛教的感受和信仰对佛教的褻瀆,並谴责地方政府无视佛教社群的宗教敏感,发出执照让BUDDHA BAR以佛陀为名经营酒吧。

马佛青呼吁地方政府,基于对宪法的尊重、更基于维护公共道德,取消BUDDHA BAR的执照,还佛教徒公民一个公道。




「以教诲弟子不喝酒的佛陀为名,经营酒吧,更在酒吧內摆设佛像,这肯定是对佛陀、对佛教的褻瀆!BUDDHA BAR的经营者,你的所作所为根本就是褻瀆佛陀、褻瀆佛教。」


马佛青呼吁全国佛教徒和佛教团体,组织起来,以持久的抗爭方式向BUDDHA BAR说不,直到酒吧经营者放弃以佛陀为名经营酒吧、放弃在酒吧摆设佛像。

「向BUDDHA BAR说不,已经在世界各地展开。在印尼,属于少数群体的佛教徒启动了SAY NO TO BUDDHA BAR运动。在抗议声浪中,歷经一年半的诉讼,中雅加达县级法庭判决BUDDHA BAR的业者褻瀆,命令关闭其连锁店,也判定城市当局忽视宗教敏感。」


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JK91 says:

Go learn what is prophet and prohet first before you write.

nkkhoo says:

No such prohet in any English dictionary. It’s clear cut that prophet and prohet is a typo unlike statue and statute, two different words with different meaning.

Nurul says:

If you will be a responsible person and checked when was introduce the application to register Buddha Bar before starting nonsense debat, you will find out the document was handover on june 6 2013..

nkkhoo says:

When the license was approved? Why your company only opens the door after GE13?

BN government knows the issue is too sensitive before the GE13.

BN government takes the opportunity and approves Buddha Bar to operate after GE13 is a revenge against Chinese for supporting PR.

No right-minded governments except anti-Buddhist nations like Saudi Aabia, Lebanon, and Western nations to allow Buddha statue be misused for any commercial purpose.

No right-person will insult other religion openly. The bar owner is either anti-Buddhist or intoxicated with money.

In one day, Buddha statue will be placed in the brothel house under the name of peaceful mind as advocated by Buddha.

Jasni says:

You said: BN government allows Buddhism to be insulted openly. May be this is a revenge against Chinese for voting PR.

Where is your proof?

nkkhoo says:

The bar is approved after GE 13. Why only after GE 13?

Jasni says:

There is no such thing as a statute for prophet in Islam. Please be careful with your statement, else Jakim will take action.

You should ask instead why the lightning arrestor on top Umno building in Penang was constructed before the working drawings had been submitted for approval. Safety compromised?

nkkhoo says:

Go learn what is statue and statute first before you talk.

PR government did allow construction without approved drawing like Kancil Car Park. Such practice is not monopolized by BN only.

Did you ask similar question to LGE? If not, why you ask BN for a similar question?

No drawing approval before construction does not mean the safety is compromised. What is more important is does the construction is monitored and certified by uncorrupted professional engineer.

Besides, there is no law in Malaysia to ensure the highrise building has to be inspected in regular basis like in every ten years. Both BN and PR have to take the blame for do nothing in the parliament.