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Dear Mahathir, 'Why Thailand with a single national school still got yellow shirt, red shirt and Muslim rebels?'

UMNO Nyanyuk

Thailand is more homogenous than Malaysia with 95% Buddhists and all citizens study in a single national school.

Why they still have a deeply divided society with yellow and red shirt in-fighting?

Why Muslim rebels are using violence to achieve their goals?

The vital answer is acute income gap between the have and have not groups.

Even I agree with old man that more interactions between different race in a single school, but how about 99.9% Malay dominated Mara University fits into old man’s ideal unity picture?

How you teach our students the spirit of unity and justice when you say 7A1 Ahmad can get JPA overseas scholarship when Ah Khoo with 11A1 is not qualified because of different skin color? Like rubbing salt to a wound, Ah Khoo from new village is actually poorer than Ahmad.

Why Mahathir spoke English in the UN assembly? He should speak Bahasa Malaysia if he is too proud with our national language when he was PM for Malaysia.

Inilah pemimpin UMNO yang cakap kosong, bikin tak ada.

There Is A Need To Rewrite Malaysian History – Tun Mahathir

KUALA LUMPUR, June 18 (Bernama) — There is a need to rewrite Malaysian history books to include problems faced in the past and steps taken by the government to solve such issues, so as to offer a better understanding of the country’s history to the younger generation.

Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said this move would also help Malaysia to establish a more educated society, and “thus create more vocal leaders.”

It will also help unite Malaysians, create a rounded education for the young, he said in his keynote address titled “Better Times Ahead for Malaysian Politics, Post General Elecetion-13” at the Perdana Leadership Foundation CEO Forum, here, Tuesday.

“We need to do a lot of things. We should also learn from the history of other countries such as why the Arab Spring occurred. Then we ask ourselves, do we want this to happen in this country?

“There are some people who literally say they want to see an Arab Spring in Malaysia. They prefer to ignore stability, peace and overthrow the leaders. Therefore, we need to settle down and understand what is democracy and tell them to trust the government,” he added.

Touching on education, Dr Mahathir suggested that having a national school under one roof for all races, can keep Malaysia peaceful, united and will help build a better future for its citizens.

“The problem we face today is that we do not come together, and barely speak or use the national language. We should use it more (national language). We should have less segregation in schools for example, and make it compulsory to use and learn the national language,” he suggested.

“Going to the same school increases the chances of togetherness. I’m the product of this kind of school,” he said.

On learning the national language, Dr Mahathir was curious as some foreign diplomats who worked in other countries like Indonesia could master the language of that particular country, but not in Malaysia.

He said it was because Malaysians themselves communicated in English and not in their national language, and thus forgetting that language was one of the factor that unifies society.

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Cindy says:

If they want to abolish vernacular schools, they should at least first allow all races to enter Mara colleges.

Pak Su says:

Single national school is a joke. It’s just an excuse to divert the people’s attention away from UMNO/Be End own’s racist and corrupt practices. Plus, UMNO/Be End isn’t interested to unite all races in the first place and this single national school system is nothing more than a manifestation of Malay/Muslim superiority.