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How the little William Yau died?


Do you believe the death of William Yau is due to misadventure?

You shall question the quality and professionalism of Malaysia judges first before you buy in such conclusion.

The coroner should simulate the body can be flushed out to Klang River before he concluded the death is misadventure.

Unfortunately, he never did that experiment to support his conclusion.

My hypothesis after his body was found in the Klang river is William Yau was murdered. My logic is simple, the drain is too small and the rubbish gates would prevent the corpse flushed out to Klang River if he accidentally fell into the drain and killed.

There are two possibilities,

1. Willian Yau was abducted by a stranger and murdered in other location after the incident was exploded to a hot news.

2. Willian Yau was murdered by someone closed to him and his body was dumped into Klang River. A false missing child report was made as a cover-up.

The burger hawker did not see any child came out from the car on the day the boy was missing is a clue for police reopens the investigation.

No CCTV video to track the whereabouts of William Yau’s parents on the day?

Who killed William Yau? I cannot say it here because of lack of evidence to support my hypothesis. That is the police job to investigate the case without fear or favor.

But I will tell you my answer in the private talk.

Here are the key happenings during the inquest:

March 11: Yau told the court that he and his wife had left their three children, Eric,7, William,6 and Cindy,1, locked in the car and had gone into an electrical shop in Putra Heights that evening.

Upon returning to the car 10 minutes later, his wife, Goh, screamed and said that ‘one child had not gotten into the car’.

Yau also told the court that he had gone to the Tengku Ampuan Rahimah Hospital in Klang with Goh on the night of Jan 24 to identify his son’s body.

March 12: Goh told the court she received a call from a man telling her to prepare RM80,000 in
Yau said William was not a naughty boy and that he would not follow strangers although he was generally unafraid of people.

March 20: Coroner Mohd Hezri Shaharil led the inquest team in a visit to the site in Putra Heights at Subang Jaya where William Yau was reported missing.

The 20-minute visit saw Mohd Hezri visit the Onking chain-store, inspected the place where the Toyota Hilux was parked and two big drains which were about five metres from the vehicle.

He also inspected an uncovered drain about 200m away from the store, which was believed to be connected to Sungai Sireh.

March 29: The eldest brother William testified that he missed William as they always played together.
“I asked my father and mother where was William and they told me that William was with Guan Yin goddess.

“They told me that the goddess is far away above the sky,” he said.

April 22: “You watch out. Your son is in Kajang, it is not safe to return home. If you want your son to return safely you need to bank-in RM3,000 and do not report to the police”.

“Your son is in our hand. If you want your son back you need to bank-in RM3,000 and do not report to the police. If report we will kill you son.”

These were the two SMS received by Goh about William, the court was told.

April 23: Meteorological Department officer Ahmad Fairuz Jamaluddin told the court it rained heavily on the day William went missing.

Kons Nor Shahrir Zakaria testified that William’s father was in a state of panic and looked pale, while his mother was crying and holding their youngest child while their oldest child Eric was in the car when he first met the family at the scene.

April 24: Lance Corporal Patrick Dorriuse told the court that William had dinner with his family at a restaurant in Puchong to celebrate his older brother’s appointment as a class head before he was reported missing.

May 9: Pathologist Dr Nur Ayutimasery Abdullah told the court there were three possibilities which caused the death William including the boy could have been hit by a strong force on the head and died, he could have fallen into a drain filled with water and fractured his skull and died or he fell into the drain, knocked his head and died.

May 13: Satarudin Kamal, a resident living near Sungei Sireh jetty in Port Klang told the court that he never saw a boy that aged six playing near the jetty.

May 15: Shah Azril Azri Abdul Hamid, a part-time burger seller told the court that he did not see any child come out from William’s father’s car on the day the boy was reported missing.

May 29: The grandmother of William Chee Chong Moi told the Coroner’s Court today that she had quarrelled with the boy’s father about a year ago due to Yau’s refusal to give her money.

“I was angry with him at that time, and made up a story to my mother and younger brother that Yau had beaten William Yau until the boy was hurled onto a wall,” she said.

June 1: Coroner Mohd Hezri Shaharil set June 20 for decision on the inquest to determine the cause of William’s death.

Read more at:

Court rules Wlliam Yau’s death as misadventure

PETALING JAYA: A Coroner’s Court here ruled that the cause of death of six-year-old William Yau Zhen Zhong who was found floating in Sungai Sireh in Port Klang on Jan 24, is due to misadventure.

The decision by the court on Thursday has dismissed a theory saying that the boy was abused by his family or was murdered.

Coroner Mohd Hezri Shaharil howver said the court dismissed an involvement of criminal elements including the parents.

He however said the court did not dismiss there was a probability there was negligence by the parents.

“The court decided the cause of William’s death is due to misadventure and therefore the case is closed,” he said when delivering his judgement.

The court also dismissed that William was kidnapped and murdered.

A total of 21 witnesses were called to give their testimony in the 12-day hearing, which started on March 12 and ended on May 31.

The inquest was conducted to ascertain the cause of death of the boy.

William was reported missing in Putra Height, Subang Jaya, on Jan 16.

His father Yau Kok Kang, 32, and mother Goh Ying Ying, 26, had gone briefly to Onking chain store in Putra Height to buy a washing machine, leaving William with his eldest brother Eric, seven, and his youngest sister Cindy, one-and-a-half, in the Toyota Hilux car that night.

William was said to have got out from the car to look for his mother after his sister Cindy cried looking

He was found floating by a fisherman Satarudin Kamal, 45, who was the 14th witness, near the jetty on Jan 24 at about 6.30pm.

Lee Keng Fatt was the deputy public prosecutor.

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chin says:

if its true that someone sent a h.p. message asking for money in return for william’s safe return,
then his death should have something to do with the abductor. how come the judge ignore this fact or is the judge incompetent in judgement?

nkkhoo says:

Fake abductors are too common in high profile cases.