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Kuala Lumpur is top 10 dangerous cities in the world?


Many anti-BN blogs and websites take a junk article from this entertainment website as a fact.

The website is not a research house or a well established news site, yet many Malaysians are so eager to take such hearsay as a golden standard.

Those anti-BN bloggers and netizens have gone crazy to accept rubbishes from internet as long they hurt BN reputation.

I can tell you Kuala Lumpur is much safer than Manila and Jakarta, yet these cities are not in the list.

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JK91 says:

PDRM continue to blame it on ‘perception’ as it always claims that its so-called crime index has gone down.

Looks like PDRM is living in denial.
Or their priority is to clamp down opposition, not criminals?

nkkhoo says:

I do not deny the crime perception is worsening in KL, but KL is much safer than thousand of cities in the world.

The CEO in any MNC stationed in Manila has to hire full-time armed bodyguards to travel in the city.

PLK says:

what’s the crime level at Cheras ? Safer than Muar because no Haze.

nkkhoo says:

How your compare a big city with a small town?