Haze from Sumatra >>>

Muar in crisis, API hits 746

muar API worsen

My elder brother just call me up to inform me that my old mum is falling sick after air quality is deteriorated to very bad.

The haze is a recurring annual event in mid-year, yet our government is still poorly prepared to face this man-made disaster created by our neighbor.

The haze engulfing Muar and Ledang districts is too alarming and reaching a crisis level which is crippling the economy and affecting the good health of our rakyat.

The reading of API in Muar hits 746, I believe is the highest record ever achieved in West Malaysia. What the BN government can do now? What is the emergency plan to help Muar and Ledang residents especially the children and elders?

Declare the state of emergency without concrete actions, shut down all schools, stop open burning and urging people stay indoor is not enough to help the victims.

The emergency plan should include these basic medical aids to needy groups like patients, children below 7 and elders above 70.

– Distribute N95 masks,

– Distribute health supplement like vitamin C,

– Distribute mineral water,

to all needy groups immediately.

It’s high time for Malaysian government to press Indonesia to sign 2002 treaty on haze containment agreement and work proactively with Indonesian government on how to prevent forest fires and open burning in Sumatra.

Sorry, I forget no such emergency plan to cope with haze season in Bolehland.

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hamster says:

one lady is dead due to haze particles affecting seriously.

nkkhoo you may want to take your loved ones on holiday now in thailand to avoid the hazardour haze in Muar ?

nkkhoo says:

I believe most have old mum at home, and you should know the stubbornness of old ladies. My elder brother in kampung is stubborn as my old mum, nothing you can do when you deal with two old stubborn persons.

You cannot ask police to evacuate your mum and brother in haze crisis.

huayang says:

This is one thing that Umno cannot blame Anwar, and nkkhoo cannot blame LGE?

Anyway, Muar folks please take care, follow BN advice of staying indoor an drink plenty of water, and pray for rain to come.

nkkhoo says:

LGE is quickly to order N95 masks before I condemn him for no forward thinking unlike Singapore government.

suresh says:

Singapore government has 9 million N95 stockpile as its SARS contingency plan, it even has air-cond room (civil defence room) for those poor old people. In Johor I can see the YBs of DAP distributing free surgical masks to rakyat. Where is MCA, Umno and MIC? They can only tell people to stay indoor and drink more water.

nkkhoo says:

I agree with you.

BN government did nothing except lip services to cope with haze crisis.

Health minister shall instruct its officials to distribute face masks and mineral water house to house to those families with small children and elderly.

Besides, the medical cost for treatment related to haze has to be reimbursed by government.

suresh says:

Singapore Ministers are coming up to deal with this issue. But Malaysian Ministers are quiet, even the Environment Minister from MIC is more concern about the the pandas coming to Malaysia.

See what a Singapore Minister has to say about the haze;

nkkhoo says:

Indonesian government will not take Singapore complaints seriously for two reasons.

1. Singapore is a safe haven for a few hundred billion USD black money from Indonesia and refuse to sign repatriation treaty with Indonesia.

2. Singapore total ban on Indonesian male workers is an insult to Indonesia.

Kiasu ministers can cry, jump up and down as they like.