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UMNO seeking revenge against the Chinese :: Pasar malam at Jonker Street will be shut down after 27 June 2013


The 13-year old very popular tourist spot Jonker street night market will be shut down by Melaka state government after 27 June 2013.

No valid reason is given, but I believe is an eye to an aye action to punish Chinese for voting PR in GE13. Besides, the night market committee declined to allocate 30% hawker quota to UMNO crony is another reason the market is not welcomed by the state government.

UMNO, go ahead to punish Malaysian Chinese.

Malaysia Chinese should advise Mainland and Singapore Chinese tourists to stop visit Melaka to cripple Melaka tourism industry to see Chinese or Malays suffer more.

Boycott these services in Melaka owned by Melaka state government and UMNO cronies.

Melaka River Cruise
Taming Sari Revolving Tower
Hardrock Cafe
Duck amphibian boat
Zoo Melaka
Melaka Bird Park

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Megan says:

纳兹里说 Jonker Walk 不是 Jonker Drive!


请你讨论朱玉叶遭奸杀案: 有一个强奸犯精液,就可以判定罪刑了,如有俩个强奸犯以上精液,就可以逃过法律制裁?判无罪?当场释放? 禽兽拿督生的孩子犯法,给同类做审判当然没事?

马来西亚政府无能保障女性,让女性在自己国家担惊受怕,完全安全 “女性要自保”!


Piya Matyo says:

Saya setuju pelawat pelancung luar negara ke pasar malam boleh memhebohkan lagi peniaga peniaga bumiputra berdekatan.

Buat apa tutup ?

Malam ini tengok Harimau Selatan JDT menag FA Cup, lepas itu singgah di kota Melaka waktu balik ke JB dari Bukit Jalil.

ken says:

Jonker St Pasar Malam not selling pirated dvds (also infamous CSL hotel romp cd) so whay shut it down ?
Traffic jam can be solved if no cars allowed in the crammed heritage zone. Use public mini buses shuttle the tourists with high frequencies. People just got to park their vehicles 1 km away and use public transport.

Veron says:

If closing Jonker Street is not a punishment it is definitely a discrimination. If traffic jam is the reason, why not close Bintang Walk which is definitely contributing traffic jam to Jalan BB/Sultan Ismail. Also please close all pubs along P Ramlee. This closing down of Jonker Street will affect the welfare of thousand of workers in Malacca tourism industry comprising of all races. Those affected directly and indirectly are the Trishaw pullers. taxi drivers. hotel staff, who are really in the low income earners group. This heartless Malacca CM will bring untold hardship to the welfare of Malacca people, including the malays. BN pretend to talk of reconciliation, yet they go about taking revenge on a perceived voting pattern. It’s this form of bulling that drives more people into the opposition.

fred says:

As usual the imbeciles are at work again & this time JONKER STREET. This entire area of Malacca residents are all Chinese & not one Malay since hundreds of years ago,,,thats enough to tell the world Malays of this present day are nothing but opportunist to try all they can to create DISHARMONY, DISUNITY anywhere there are Chinese only. The present Malays are noting but sickening lot trying to bulldoz their way around ,,, its the Chinese & others who should not allow this to happen & will do all they can to keep it the way it is ,,,BECOZ they have places of their own to mind & occupy,,so buzz off!!!

Cindy says:

Very soon the new Chairman of Tourism Malaysia Ng Yen Yen will step forward to solve the issue, right?

But already many MCA folks are not happy that she could get that position while CSL forbidding that Johor YB joining Johor Exco?

Lyninsky says:

Well, not that i am surprised about its known that the previous state gov have helped the community lots, only to be backstabbed in the GE solely because of anti-gov sentiments within the Chinese.

Furthermore, MCA knew its not because they are hated that they don’t get the Chinese support, its because they are allied to UMNO, so MCA is just strategizing what it should be doing since no matter what they do, they will never win as long as they are in BN.

Probably gonna be a 4 year dark period for the Chinese in M’sia unless either UMNO mend itself and walk the talk or wait for Pakatan’s win in next GE.

Pak Su says:

This goes to show how immature these UMNO goons really are. Losing an election and now being a crybaby and taking a cheap shot at the Chinese vendors in Jonker Walk. And don’t even get me started about that ridiculous 30% bumi quota. If they want it, they have to work for it and not expecting free gifts to drop from the sky just because they belong to a particular race and religion.

First they’re trying to take down old heritage buildings in Jalan Sultan, then they tried to annex land from SJK(C) Chin Woo to build a crony-operated Malay restaurant, then they tried to demolish a Chinese fishing village and cemetery in Pengerang to make way for an integrated petroleum complex, and now it’s Jonker Walk’s turn to take the heat. Now I think I’ve seen enough of UMNO’s racist attempts to erase non-Malays’ presence in this country. I just can’t wait for the next GE to send this 46% minority government to hell.

Kutsia says:

That Melaka CM hopes to get malay grassroot support in the coming Umno assembly by bashing the Chinese. This is a tested model and a fast track way to achieve top Umno position.

Pak Su says:

True enough. Compared to the CM of Penang, this Idris fella is a mental joke.

huayang says:

I don’t think Umno is working alone.
MCA is their partner to punish the Chinese community.
Otherwise why MCA is quiet on this?

nkkhoo says:

Officially Melaka MCA oppose the closure of pasar malam. They may be the one behind the closure after losing Chinese vote in Melaka city.

huayang says:

Nowadays MCA is in disarray, its leaders now talking in different directions, say one thing today and can twist it tomorrow. All of them are in different voices and different camps are emerging. This is the MCA’s Change that is confusing its own members. It reaped what it sow.

PLK says:

Ali Rustam reminded melaka chinese not to forget his contribution and kacang lupa kulit ?

May be Yen Yen as touring chairman can make a comeback at Jonker Street to ask the suffering pasar malam folks not to main-main again ?

Hang Tuah will not agree with that closure, right ?