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Penang state assembly is turning into communist rubber stamp

penang state rubber stamp

Lim Guan Eng apologized for omitting Q & A session. I believe the state legal adviser back stabbed PR by intentionally giving a political incorrect legal advice.

PR government under LGE has canceled Q & A session in the state assembly. Q & A session is a crucial part in the state assembly for the rakyat to know the state policies and its implementation status.

By abolishing Q & A session is against CAT and an insult to the democratic system

This is the price of giving overwhelming support to PR, Lim Guan Eng is showing his true color, a communist dictator.

PR with five years of governing is more “communist” than BN.

Penang opposition leader irks over no Q&A decision

GEORGE TOWN (July 3, 2013): The decision to disallow the question and answer session on the first day of the first term of the 13th Penang State Assembly sitting today has irked Penang Opposition Leader Datuk Jahara Hamid.

The Barisan Nasional (BN) assemblyman for Telok Air Tawar described the decision as a mandatory punishment to the democratic system which had been the practice every time the august house sat since the country gained independence.

“This is something that is most regrettable. For the first time, the State Assembly has created history when it disallowed the question and answer session on the grounds of time constraint.

The question and answer session plays an important role in democracy and the system had been created as a procedure in the standing order.

“Disallowing the question and answer session reflects as though the State Legislative Assembly refuses to be responsible in giving an answer to the rakyat based on our transparency and responsibility to the people.

“This development is as though the death sentence is being passed on the system of democracy due to the arrogance of the state government which has absolute power,” she said.

Jahara said this when disputing the decision of State Assembly Speaker Law Choo Kiang who stated that the State Assembly sitting was still valid although it did not make way for the question and answer session due to the time constraint.

The Opposition Leader said that as a government that practised accountability, it is important for the State Assembly to bring back the question and answer session in the interest of the public and out of respect for the democratic system.

The protest against the decision to disallow the question and answer session was also supported by Muhamad Farid Saad (BN-Pulau Betong) who pointed out that the session is important because the people must know the action taken by the government to address the problems raised by them.

“I’m certainly disappointed because the question and answer session has been disallowed. Do not use the time constraint as an excuse to disallow the question and answer session. We can have the session,” he said.

The first day sitting of the august house also saw a verbal exchange between the Opposition Leader and the Urban and Rural Planning Committee Chairman, Jagdeep Singh Deo (DAP-Datuk Keramat), who asked Jahara to retract the statement that ‘democracy has died’ when she questioned the decision made by the Speaker.

However, the Speaker managed to calm down the session and the house resumed the debate on the speech by the Penang Yang Di-Pertua Negeri Tun Abdul Rahman Abbas without making way for the question and answer session. – Bernama

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Fazli says:

Jangan cakap macam Utusan, mana ada lagi komunis di zaman ini?

Saudara nkkhoo patut pergi ke negeri Cina untuk melihat sendiri!

Trevor says:

Admin: This comment will be deleted for wrong thread.

I refer to this report on how the China policeman on holiday in Malaysia managed to subdue a snatch thief in Penang.

As PDRM has been quite ineffective in combating the escalating crime (including a series of unsolved ATM heist), perhaps the Penang government could suggest that PDRM outsource its police sercive to the Chinese policemen from China?

Fazli says:

Tak salah kalau kata PDRM patut belajar dari Polis dari negara Cina!

radhi says:

Sama juga di Parlimen kita lah. Speaker hanya membenarkan orang untuk bercakap. Tidak ramai, dia menutup mereka! Jadi apa yang baru? Belajar dari Pandikar!

nkkhoo says:

Pandikar tak seburuk speaker PKR di dewan undangan negeri Pulau Pinang yang memansuhkan sidang soal dan jawab.