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Why not turn the Campbell Street to a weekend night market like the Jonker Walk?

campbell street in Penang

The Campbell street is damn dead after 7PM with only a few cheap bars open at night. Why Penang state government and MPPP are not taking initiative to make the ghost street alive and buoyant again like the Jonker Street in Melaka?

George town downtown needs a localized night market to cater for all tourists who flock in to Penang. Imagine tourists can taste Penang street foods under a one-roof night market itself is a unique attraction not available elsewhere in the world. Besides, the night market will create a few hundred new jobs for Penangites.

The night market shall be limited to selling made in Malaysia food, products and handicrafts. Cheap imported products and goods from China and foreign countries must be totally ban.

A stage should be erected for local artistes and performers to show off Penang multiracial culture to the world.

I will take up the project if LGE and MPPP buy in my idea to create a new tourist product.

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Jozan says:

Upper Penang Road held every last sunday of the month bazar is not the pasar malam as the activites are held in daylight (not malam).

Pasar malam selling fake handphone accessories (eg covers), fake watches (used to be popular at snake temple stall some time back) will tarnish Penang tourism image. Just go and check Batu Feringghi Night Market – many stalls operated by foreigners who pay the original local tenants.

nkkhoo says:

I make it clear that no cheap goods and fake goods. Daytime market is also called pasar malam in Malaysia, you never hear pasar petang in Malay.

jeff says:

Pasar Malam in Malaysia will not attract crowds if no cheap and pirated stuff is sold as the customers are from lower income groups.

G Dragon Bang says:

Gerakan Penang have tried to revive street pasar malam along Campbell Street but have FAILED.

Present gomen must be wise not to repeat same mistakes.

Now many boutique & heritage acoomodation/hostel nearby (love lane, steward lane, cintra lane & chulia street), and these tourists do not like pasar malam that sells typical items you can find at Prangin Mall at price not much different.

Penang traders are of different breed from that of Jonker Street. Gerakan failed to understand them. Pakatan until now yet to understand them as well.

May be a consultant like me can guide them thru, Hint : Need to engage the warlords no kidding !

nkkhoo says:

I was in Penang during the failed project.

Are you dreaming? No pasar malam at Campbell street during the Gerakan era, the street was only converted to pedestrian walk.

Tan Sri is the head of Peng, he is the biggest warlord in Penang and a good friend to LGE.

LGH says:

Nkkhoo must have left Penang some time back.

There was a spillover of night activities from Kimnberley Street to Campbell Street during Gerakan era but the night scene atrading failed to sustain.

nkkhoo says:

No pasar malam in Campbell Street like Jonker Walk because the Campbell walk was bombarded like hell due to poor planning and design by Bo Hood government.

There is a monthly pasar malam at Upper Penang Road for last seven years which may be mistaken as a Pasar Malay in Campbell Street by some.

Night food hawkers are scattered all over George town, such setup is not Pasar Malam under the local definition. Go visit Jonker Walk Melaka and KL Taman Connaught Pasar Malam to feel the festive mode of a pasar malam. Taman Connaught Pasar Malam is the biggest night market in Malaysia.