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Crime in Bolehland is not perception, it’s real.

murder in Malaysia

I was told Indonesian and Indian hired killers only charge RM3,000 for a life.

How many people killed by mafia style murder for this year alone? More than 30 people lost their lives in this way. The latest one is an Indian was killed in George town yesterday.

Just RM5,000 to hire hit man

CONTRACT killers are being hired for as low as RM5,000 by those who want to have their enemies bumped off, Harian Metro reported.

It said that the rate varies depending on the risks involved.

Quoting a source, the report said that the killers would charge between RM5,000 and RM15,000 for a murder. The price would go up to RM100,000 if the target is a well-known personality or high-ranking person.

Police had not ruled out their involvement in several recent cases, including the murder of Customs deputy director-general Datuk Shaharuddin Ibrahim who was gunned down while on his way to work on April 26.

Deputy Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin said a special team in its D9 Serious Crimes Division will track down these contract killers.

“We have personnel and officers who are experts in tracking assassins,” he said.

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LGH says:


Tong Lok Mau says:

Zahid mentioned about “alleged rise in the crime rate following the abolition of the Emergency Ordinance (EO)”. However, we have been fed with news that the crime rate has been reduced sharply since Najib became PM. Is Zahid suggesting that Hishammuddin was lying and the statistic report the government prepared was fake? Is Zahid now contradicting Najib’s KPI results? Or is Zahid trying to jusify a new version of Emergency Ordinance (EO) on top of Sedition Act to clamp down on opposition?

I suppose the real reason for the spike in crime rate is due to the police’s failure and lackadaisical attitude in combating crime.

JS says:

If the release of the 2,000 suspected hardened criminals under EO in September 2011 was responsible for the spike in crimes, why is this not shown in the crime statistics of the police, which instead claimed that there had been a reduction of overall street crime and index crime by 41.3% and 7.6% respectively in 2012 as compared to 2011?

Joe says:

PDRM have failed to live up to public expectations, but the IGP blames the people for their failure. Those who have had to deal with the police will know that the service is pathetic, abuse and corruption is something we hv to face. There are few hundred thousand policemen on rakyat’s payroll but they cannot handle the criminals. These criminals can threaten the public and get away with its shows the incompetency of PDRM. The public perception of the force is that these criminals are not brought to justice is because it is more profitable to the force. Like MACC the respect for PDRM have diminished.

The public perception is that the corrupt police force are protecting the criminals who are under their protection while eliminating (eg. murdering) those who are not. You see, the public views the police as just another arm of criminals.

nkkhoo says:

A China mainland drug trafficker escaped like David Copperfield from the toilet under the watchful eyes of two policemen before the criminal was departed to China for trial.

A village folk was arrested for possessing 500g heroin, yet he was released after the drug syndicate paid RM200,000 to secure him from any charges.

Sanil says:

The BN official crime index hit its peak before the EO was repealed at the end of 2011. How how can Zahid say that criminals released under EO are ones contributing to rising crime?

jeff says:

How many per cent of the police force is allocated for crime fighting vs monitoring opposition and peaceful gathering?

黃子 says:

打劫伤人的罪案一宗接着一宗的发生,天天上演,天天见报,人心惶惶…. 我们有最能打的邦女郎,大家一起来呼吁杨紫琼回国,…赶快回国帮忙打击罪案吧,阿Jib gor需要你…哈哈!

Anon Tan Sri says:

Better bring along a weapon the next time you go to a clinic for self-defence!

JS says:

Rompak dan pukul, nasib baik tak kena rogol:

G Dragon Bang says:

the pic you posted is the hawker/coffee shop at relau opposite PISA of Penang.
you can provide more detailed description of the crime there. However, the locals there knew such scene is common.
Relau Mastermind controls the hawker scene there. Not surprised rival gang wants to re-establish a new warlord there.
New warlord needs to strike fear then provide protection for petty hawkers to continue trading under their radar.

Fazli says:

Kes jenayah semakin menjadi… namum pihak polis dan KDN masih pegang teguh pada pendirian bahawa jenayah adalah persepsi rakyat. Kes jenayah tak dilapurkan dalam media Umno seprti Utusan dan TV3, oleh itu orang kampung bila masuk bandar kerap kali jadi mangsa jenayah!

Bukan kah Si Khairy dah jadi mangsa? Bukan semua macam Tan Sri ada pistol untuk mempertahankan diri dari penjenayah.

Saudara nkkhoo patut memberi lebih ruang dalam blog ini untuk melapurkan kes jenayah demi perhatian pembaca. Kes rogol semakin meningkat, tapi si perogol dilepaskan oleh pihak mahkamah. Anak dara dari kampung patut jaga diri bila masuk bandar!

Shukri says:

Satu pegawai kastam sudah ditembak mati oleh pembunuh upahan dan polis masih tak dapat kesan si pembunuh.

Kalau PDRM tak bertindak, mungkin satu hari lagi ahli politik BN pun boleh menjadi mangsa?

Pembunuh upahan dari Thailand dan Indonesia boleh mengerjakan pembunuhan dan orang yang memberi upah langsung tak boleh dikenali.

nkkhoo says:

Di Manila, kamu cuma perlu memasukkan wang yang cukup dan gambar manngsa dalam peti surat tertentu. Pembunuh tidak tahu siapa yang mengupah mereka.

KL pun mengikut jejak-jejak Manila untuk menjadi sebuah bandar jenayah.

黃子 says:



Joseph says:

No change means status quo – snatch thefts, robberies, hitman shootings, corruptions, bribery etc etc… we are not in a prosperous situation, we do not consider our well-being is taken care of. Yes, change that is not managed well can bring us to even worse condition, therefore, we MUST make sure that the change that follows will be in good hands, managing it well. The majority of the people are willing to take this chance because we trust PR can manage change (reformation) better than BN (transformation). Jibby’s transformation is all talk, no action!