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Pork is sold in open shop at Kuala Terengganu China Town


Terengganu is a Malay majority state without objection for such open style pork shop. But the pork stalls are cordoned off like a jail in many wet markets in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka and Muar where Chinese is the majority residents.

I will visit Kota Baru soon and will take the photo for the pork shop in Kota Baru if I can locate the shop to prove UMNO is anti-Chinese party.

The message is clear, the general Malays are not narrow-minded racists and radicals like many UMNO top leaders.

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G Dragon Bang says:

You shocked many of us in Kedah that Muar cannot sell pork openly !!

Do come to Alor Setar – and you can find Char Siew rice right in the middle of city (try Jalan Kota).

Ex Minister Chor Chee Heung from MCA should have guided MCA Muar on how to handle such matter tactfully !

nkkhoo says:

Pork meat and char siew rice are two different commodities. There are tons of char siew rice stalls in Muar city.

Pork meat can be sold in the Muar wet market, but the pork stalls have to be blocked with high wall like in KL wet markets.

LGH says:

Big size Char Siew, Siew Bak (fatty ones) hang like raw pork common sight in Sungai Petani. Nobody complaint about the aroma smell !

nkkhoo says:

Show me where the pork stalls in SP?

Most likely the pork stalls are shielded off like a jail.

LGH says:

Restaurant Koek Kee 國記茶樓 @ Jalan Dewa, Sungai Petani, Kedah.
A 老字号 in Sungai Petani.

nkkhoo says:

I found the IQ of some people is questionable. Char Siew rice is never classified as a raw pork meat in the wet market.

This restaurant is selling raw meat like pork shop in Terengganu and Kelantan? I can bet no open pork shops in Kedah.

There is one “green” pork shop in my place at Cheras.

Joe says:

Raw pork may look disgusting, but some could not resist the ‘fragance’ and taste of char siew although it is equally not halal!

nkkhoo says:

All meats are disgusting for me.

The core problem is UMNO politicians are selective sensitive. Beef is not eaten by Hindu, chicken and other meats are not eaten by hardcore Buddhists and pork is not eaten by Muslims.

If BN government is talking about religious sensitivity, all meat stalls have to be shielded off like pork stall in the wet market to keep them from unwanted patrons.

JS says:

MMA is ‘Mixed Martial Arts’.

But Umno employs MMA as ‘Make Malay Angry’ against the Chinese community as evident in this statement by Deputy Finance Minister Ahmad Maslan that ‘Only 15% of shops in Klang Valley are bumi-owned’

Anway, evidence (report & pictures) of pork being sold in Kota Bahru is mentiond in this blog posting:

Joe says:

Ahmad Maslan might as well tell us that MARA and Tekun has failed malays!

nkkhoo says:

All government public contracts are given to UMNO politicians and cronies, Malay readers should ask this question why Chinese contractors are preferred.

I visited Terengganu two weeks ago, my contractor friend pointed a mosque site still under construction, the ones handled by him already completed while the ones handled by a Malay contractor still do piling. The delay is costing more money to taxpayers.

jeff says:

Umno assembly is near, naturally the modus operandi is to demonstrate to malay folks your toughness and intolerance against the chinese. Afterall, the racist front is the fast track to Umno higher hierarchy.