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Female hostel in Sukma is like Chow Kit road with free access


Look like no security or foreign security personnel are hired to guard the female hostel from intruders.

Three male athletes could freely enter the room to rape the victim indicated the lax of security. I believe no question ask if the visitor just raise up his/her hand to say hello to guards.

The suspects can walk out freely from the lock-up and court if they have datuk father.

The incident also reflecting the decay of moral value amongst the young generations.

The Star report confirms the security is lax in the female dormitory.

My predict is the teenage athletes are Malay because gang rape is a common crime in the Malay community.

Yes, my predict is confirmed true that three suspects are Malay youth.

Police detain three Sukma athletes for alleged rape

KUALA LUMPUR, July 7 (Bernama) — The police have detained three teenage Malaysia Games (Sukma) handball players to facilitate investigations into the rape last Wednesday, of an additional officer of the women’s handball squad.

The suspects were picked up on Friday, following a report by the 19-year-old victim at the Serdang police headquarters, a day earlier.

According to the victim, she alleged she was raped at the sports village in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM).

District police deputy chief DSP Lam Chien Fei said the suspects, aged between 18 and 19, were remanded for seven days to facilitate investigations.

The case has been classified under Section 376 of the Penal Code for rape. Upon conviction, the trio could be jailed for a maximum 20 years, and imposed whipping.

It is believed the girl had claimed she went out for drinks with a group of friends on the night of the alleged rape.

Meanwhile, Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin denied a newspaper report which stated the victim was an athlete with the women’s handball team in Sukma 2013.

He was speaking to reporters after the Sukma 2013 rugby match between Kelantan and Melaka in UPM.

Khairy also suggested stern action against the sports council and association, including suspension of errant athletes, coach and manager, if they were found to have brought liqour into the games village at UPM.

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Soy says:

Three handball athletes pleaded not guilty at the sessions courts today to raping a 20-year-old sports officer at Sukma 2013 games village last week.

Adib Adha Ismail, 18, Megat Farzeril Faiz Megat Razali and Mohammad Shaizzad Md Shafie, both 19, were separately charged at three different courts with raping the woman between 4am and 4.10am on July 4.

Wee Chin says:


运动选手竟然以比赛中表现不好即借酒浇愁或借机喝酒,最后铸成大错,这是太令人难以置信。我国在国际上的各项体育比赛成绩低落, 只是 Jaguh Kampung 水准!

Jozan says:

Chow Kit image will forever cannot be re-fresh if social media continues to link it with GRO activities. Please be fair. Thks.

nkkhoo says:

How Chow Kit road can be cleaned up with local chicks are replaced by foreign chicks and pondan?

jeff says:

Do not forget the national bowler was acquitted of rape charges because sportsmen are deemed to have good future. This has set a precedence, and these 3 Sukma athletes must be capitalizing on this loop hole to have ‘legalized’ rape.

LGH says:

如果有第四者的精液,法官将会宣判三只禽兽无罪释放 ???
最后”無罪”因为”它”们是有”前途”的运动员 ???????
他们的家人快快找囊督认干爹吧 ????大声的说,我爸是拿督吧???????

LGH says:

RE : 阿末扎希促请华社要与政府合作打击罪案,勿袖手旁观,不要只是站在旁边看而已

So can More Chinese must now join RELA (earning hourly wage like RM6/hr) and guard all Sukma hostels to capture potential rapists !

LGH says:

“Nafsu Tak Terkawal” resulted in gang rape. It shows many educational religious programs on TV do not reach out to the young hormones out there.
Should send Ridhuan Tee to educate these people while they are in jail otherwise a constant menace to society.