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Send the company's chairman and directors to one day jail is more detrimental to offenders

Penang government files appeal for harsher punishment for Bukit Relau landowner.

RM30,000 is a peanut for Tan Sri, and the fine will never serve as a detrimental to future offenders.

The prosecutor must appeal the case and push the offenders to be jailed for at lease a day.

There are cases where our poor rakyat stole food from the supermarket were jailed for three years.

A unstated rule by law in Malaysian kangaroo court is rich people will be spared from the harsh punishment.

Company fined RM30,000 for illegal earthworks on Bukit Relau



GEORGE TOWN: General Accomplishment Sdn Bhd was fined RM30,000 in default three years jail for carrying out earthworks on Bukit Relau without a written permission from the local authorities.

The company’s general manager, Rohana Shariff, pleaded guilty on Thursday to the charge on behalf of the company before Sessions judge Khairul Anuar Abdul Halim.

The charge under Section 70A (1) of the Street, Drainage and Buildings Act 1974 carries a maximum sentence of up to five years in prison or a fine up to RM50,000 or both.

DPP Nur Ashikin Mokhtar prosecuted while the company is represented by counsel Ang Chun Pun and Loh Yeow Khoon.

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Haji Idris says:

Ha ha Ha. RM30K itu harga kacang bila seunit condo harga minima RM500K sekarang (untung 10% minima seunit senang bayar hukuman ini).

Shukri says:

Hukuman terlampau ringan.
RM30 ribu tak ada masalah untuk tauke besar.