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China, Australia, etc. spend nothing to bring in Malaysian talents


Are these people truly the top talents? I do not know.

Besides, in the same time at least ten times Malaysian talents exodus to overseas for the greener pastures. The funny thing is foreign countries do not need to spend RM65 million to attract our talents.

UMNO goons like Ibrahim Ali, Redzuan Tee, and many more already done their good job to push local talents to foreign land.

One of my ex-partners emigrated to China while another one to Australia. An ex-course mate is happily worked in a Hong Kong university as a professor and trained up many students from Hong Kong and China.

RM65m spent to bring back talent

THE government has spent RM65 million to persuade Malaysians abroad to return and work via its Talent Corporation programmes, including the Returning Expert Programme (REP), said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar.

He told the house yesterday that 2,105 applications were approved until last month under the programme, which was introduced in 2011.

He said most of the applicants were aged 30 and above, with 75 per cent being males.

Wahid said the Chinese made up 60 per cent of the applicants, follwed by Bumiputeras (30 per cent) and Indians and others (10 per cent).

They were mostly from Singapore, the United Kingdom, China, Austria, the United States, United Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong and Ireland.

On the difference between Brain Gain and TalentCorp, Wahid said REP had been proven to supersede other programmes in terms of attractiveness to persuade local talent to come home and work.

“The cost cannot be calculated directly from the allocations spread over the number of participants as there are many programmes under TalentCorp, but I can assure you that REP has proven to be successful.”

Wahid cited medical and oil and gas experts, like Shell Malaysia chairman Lain Lo, British India’s Rhoda Yap and Malakoff chief executive officer Zainal Abidin Jalil, who had returned.

He said up to June this year, 502 participants had returned, while 923 returned last year.

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