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Who is more dangerous? Police or criminal?


Do not tell me that criminal is interested to murder a person who exposed corruption in the police?

Basically nobody in Bolehland can protect your life except yourself.

MyWatch chairman R Sri Sanjeevan shot, in critical condition

SEREMBAN: Crime watchdog MyWatch chairman R Sri Sanjeevan was shot repeatedly by two men on a motorcycle Saturday and is in stable but critical condition.

Sanjeevan, who was in his car with a friend, had stopped at a traffic light near Taman Cempaka in Jempol at 4.30pm.

He had wound down his window when a motorcycle pulled up alongside and fired at him.

He was initially rushed to the Jempol Hospital, but later underwent surgery at the Kuala Pilah Hospital.

Sanjeevan, who has been in the news for exposing corruption in the police force, has received death threats directed at himself and his family.

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